Meet Salim Ali, The Real Life Inspiration For 2.0’s Pakshi Raja

Meet Salim Ali, The Real Life Inspiration For 2.0’s Pakshi Raja

Every one was waiting for the movie 2.0 in a exciting way. The wait is over and the movie released finally on theatre and  hit the screens and it collected to cross the 100 crore more than . It has been dubbed in all language on the first day.

However, The khiladi and multitalented Akshay Kumar’s role in the film has been highly valued and his work has been appreciated.  Did you notice that this movie is based on the real person and do you want to know the name of that person He is Salim Ali.

Salim Ali who was born in 1896 in Mumbai. He was a standout amongst the most well known ornithologists who is having a great knowledge about birds. who is known as a bird specialist in India. He was raised in Mumbai and got his primary education in Mumbai. His contribution to the science was stunning . He gave to a great extent that he is affectionately called the Birdman Of India now.

Here are a some inspirational reallities that you might not have thought about the genuine motivation why  Akshay Kumar was attracted towards Pakshi Raja. and he was ready to make movie.

1. He was first time introduced by Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS) as a ornithologists with his collection of birds creatures. he has alot of several types of birds and even supported his young personality to seek after it further.

2. He was well known of having various winged animal . he studies both in and outside India.

3. Not simply birds, Salim was extraordinarily worried about nature and untamed life and guaranteed security of the equivalent.

4. He was honored by award the Padma Bhushan in the year 1958.

5. He has additionally composed various books which give broad learning and data on flying creatures.

6. Salim Ali was especially intrigued by weaver flying creatures and composed his first paper on that

7. He kicked the bucket at 91 years old, when he lost the fight to prostate disease.