Meet the Kerala Boy Whose Post on Mother’s Second Marriage Won The Internet

Meet the Kerala Boy Whose Post on Mother’s Second Marriage Won The Internet

He was in Class 10 when his mom chose to at long last leave a damaging marriage.

For quite a long time, he grew up watching his mom penance and drudge in the hopelessness of a miserable marriage. When she deserted the awfulness to begin again, her solitary idea was for her child.

However at this point, the kid, Gokul Sreedhar is altogether adult. He needed to break the example of his mom, continually putting others before herself. “In any event, presently I need her to carry on with her life, for herself,” shares Gokul, an architect situated in Kollam, Kerala.

What’s more, to do as such, he made a major stride of slighting social taboos and fell entire heartedly into making the game plans for her marriage!

Sharing the involvement in an ongoing Facebook post written in Malayalam that turned into a web sensation, the Kerala kid says, “Amma is a sort of lady who constantly kept her life aside for other people. Her marriage was where she endured a great deal. Once, when I saw her with blood overflowing out from her brow in the wake of being struck, I had asked her for what good reason she was all the while suffering it. I recall what she disclosed to me then that she was living for me, and she was prepared to persevere through additional.”

The child’s enthusiastic post reviewing his mom’s battle moved the web profoundly, with more than right around 4,600 offers and 43,000 preferences, in under seven days.

Addressing The Better India, Gokul says, “I was uncertain and apprehensive about composition the post in the first place. I realized that my loved ones would bolster, however I was far fetched about the general population in the place where I grew up as remarriage is as yet thought about a forbidden. In any case, I’m happy that I never yielded to it and made the best decision about sharing my mom’s story. Since, to my charming astonishment, I was overwhelmed with congrats and positive comments and not a solitary negative remark!”

He shared that once his folks were separated in 2013 post a long system, his mom started functioning as a bookkeeper in Kollam.

“The day I went out holding my mom’s hand, I guaranteed myself that I would make this (remarriage) occur. She yielded her childhood for me, however there’s quite a lot more to life, and I am cheerful that she would now be able to investigate it. I didn’t need this to be a mystery, so I shared,” he wrote in the post.

In any case, persuading her for a moment marriage was difficult.

“I was constantly stressed that after I find a new line of work elsewhere, she would be separated from everyone else,” said Gokul who is seeking after his energy now, with a BSc degree in English and Political Science from the Indira Gandhi National Open University.

His uneasiness in the end drove him to his mom’s associate at the library, who proposed the match. After much idea, when he originally moved toward her with the thought, she straight rejected.

“Like anyone, this was likewise hard for her. In any case, with the assistance of other relatives, we were in the end ready to persuade her,” includes Gokul who as of late orchestrated a relaxed wedding of his mom, Mini Ayyappan with a resigned armed force colonel, K Venu, who is a single man with a child and a little girl settled out of Kerala.

After the wedding, when he shared the post via web-based networking media, the reaction overpowered him.

“I never felt this would gather so much consideration and appreciation. There have been a few people who shared their encounters and dreams of getting their single guardians wedded also,” he includes.

Having set a positive point of reference, Gokul trusts that numerous such cases go to the fore with the goal that the unthinkable around remarriage and renewed opportunities separates in the end. Furthermore, we salute this undertaking!


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