Meet the sexy chef earning thousands from doing cooking videos in bikinis

Meet the sexy chef earning thousands from doing cooking videos in bikinis

AN AMATEUR gourmet specialist is making a great many pounds online subsequent to concocting a tempest in her kitchen – bare.

Ruby Day runs a prevalent Cooking Naked arrangement on YouTube, which has seen her rack up in excess of 450,000 adherents.

Red-haired Ruby, from Texas, USA, prepares everything from biscuits to pasta plate of mixed greens wearing only a modest cover.

Her ‘formula’ recordings are a hit with fans, and Ruby uses deliberately place emoticons to cover her humility when her cover slips.

While her cooking recordings aren’t that long – two minutes by and large – a portion of her instructional exercises have been observed in excess of multiple times.

Remarking on probably the most clasp – a Tuscan chicken formula – one fan stated: “I viewed the entire video, and I don’t cook.”

Another expressed: “What did you cook for supper once more?”

A third stated: “Ruby could be making PBJ sandwiches regardless I would be enchanted.”

Ruby said that her place of her page was to spread “hot comedic inspiration”.

She told the Daily Star: “It’s an incredible inspiration for individuals to cook.

“Most of my supporters want the solid plans and remain for the giggles.

“I love making the cooking recordings, they are such a great amount of fun with great nourishment as well.”

She has a committed ‘patreon’ page where she procures cash from fans buying in to her substance.

costs run from £2.31 ($3) to £15.40 ($20) a month, where she guarantees a glance at her “most up to date whole cooking exposed formula recordings and files”.

Furthermore, she likewise sells premium bundles for £38.51 ($50) and £96.26 ($125), just as a ‘customized cooking video’ for £154.02 ($200), netting the Youtuber thousands per month.

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