Meet This Russian Cute Barbie Doll Julia Vins But No One Dares To Propose Her! Check Why

Meet This Russian Cute Barbie Doll Julia Vins But No One Dares To Propose Her! Check Why

Julia Vins is a 21-year-old girl from a small town in Russia who has recently been given the viral nickname, “Muscle Barbie.” After a quick look at her Instagram account, it is easy to see why she has that name. While Julia has a delicate face of a porcelain doll, with big bright eyes and perfect symmetrical features, she also has massive muscles that could put most men to shame.

When Julia was only 15-years-old, she started going to the gym. She didn’t plan on building so much muscle, she just wanted to stay in shape and feel stronger. However, after meeting a trainer (who is now her boyfriend) in the gym who saw her potential, she decided to give powerlifting a shot. Shortly after training began, she realized how much she enjoyed lifting weights and developed a true passion for it.

Julia says there’s no limit to how muscly she would like to become—and is pleased with her nickname. In an interview she said, ‘People know me as ‘Muscle Barbie’—I like this comparison. It’s nice. I have these big, beautiful eyes and wear make-up. But at the same time, I’m strong.”​

Although Julia has many male admirers at the gym, on the street it is sometimes a different story. She said that some men are intimidated and that strangers even approach her on the street: “Many men say to me, ‘With your face you could be a model, why have you disfigured your body?’
But often, these comments are made by men who are not happy with their lives and achievements so I don’t care about their opinion.”

The 21-year-old may have muscles that would put most male bodybuilders to shame, but she still enjoys being feminine and isn’t afraid to let her girly side show. She loves fashion and makeup but she also loves being athletic and strong.

This is probably why she has 590k followers on her Instagram account. Her fans admire Julia for crushing stereotypes and showing that women can be both strong and sporty and feminine and girly at the same time.

Julia is probably inspiring millions of women and men to work out and to lead a healthier lifestyle and she is correct. She has created quite a large fanbase since her Instagram account has gone viral


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