Messi’s Lookalike Has Been Accused Of Seducing 23 Women By Pretending To Be The Barca Star

Messi’s Lookalike Has Been Accused Of Seducing 23 Women By Pretending To Be The Barca Star

Lionel Messi has been a dependable man for an amazing duration. Be it his football club Barcelona FC or his affection life, the Argentinian star has been committed to them and is viewed as a standout amongst the least questionable competitors on this planet.

In any case, can the equivalent be said about his fans?

While the football legend got hitched to his youth sweetheart on first July 2017 in the wake of being involved with her for a truly prolonged stretch of time, one of his fans, who looks shockingly like the star has been blamed for tempting 23 ladies by claiming to be Lionel Messi himself, as per a Marca report.

Reza Parastesh, otherwise called the Iranian Messi, shot to fame when the pictures of him wearing the Barcelona shirt hit online life.

Nonetheless, if gossipy tidbits are to be accepted, the Iranian possesses the vibes of the Argentine footballer however comes up short on his dedication as updates on him utilizing his hopes to trap ladies is making rounds on the web.

Parastesh has anyway turned out to explain that these allegations are false and individuals should give no consideration to them.

“The news is spreading in the Muslim nations and it has been a calamity,” he told Omasport.

“I was seriously bothered in light of the fact that it discharged the entire world on me.”

“My family additionally annoyed me, however the general population’s assault was increasingly compelling.”

He included: “Hello there companions, a bit of false news about me is drifting via web-based networking media concerning me laying down with 23 ladies since they thought I was Lionel Messi.

Kindly don’t play with individuals’ notoriety and validity.

We are generally mindful of the way that in the event that it really transpired, there would be a few protests and it would prompt my arraignment.

That would be a catastrophe and a cataclysm of worldwide extent. On the off chance that this news was valid, I would be in prison at the present time.

Try not to trust it, it isn’t valid. I will do everything to battle this legitimately and ensure my name is cleared.”

We expectation and earnestly wish that Reza Parastesh is talking reality and the news about him is false.

Investigate a portion of his pictures that will make you scratch your head:

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