MP Minister hosts 5-star lunch for underprivileged children on Diwali

MP Minister hosts 5-star lunch for underprivileged children on Diwali

Everyone celebrates Diwali in their own style. While someone celebrates by burning firecrackers, some spend time with loved ones and some help the poor. On this day, many dishes are made, children in colorful clothes make a big bang and express happiness in different ways, but many poor children are seen indulged in their helplessness. 

In fact, for poor children, reaching the threshold of a five star is no less than a dream. They can only dream about having shining clothes on their body, have Puris instead of dry chappatis in the morsel and have good food but their dream was fulfilled by Minister Jitu Patwari in the Madhya Pradesh government.

He took poor children on the occasion of Diwali at Five Star Hotel Radisson with him. There he fed them a delicious dishes. Patwari also showered the children with gifts.

Patwari tweeted, “Congratulations to all the countrymen on the auspicious occasion of Diwali. On this day we love, sympathize and while lighting the lamp of harmony, try to bring happiness in the lives of everyone, especially the needy.”

He felt very happy to bring orphans, underprivileged and specially abled children to the five star hotel. “When we try to bring happiness to the lives of others, our happiness also doubles,” he said.


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