MP Missing? Sunny Deol Remains Absent From Parliament For 28 Out Of 37 Working Days

MP Missing? Sunny Deol Remains Absent From Parliament For 28 Out Of 37 Working Days

The actor turned politician Sunny Deol has missed almost every parliament session. He literally didn’t show up for 28 out of the 37 working days. 

Lok Sabha attendance records are also showing how he only showed up for just nine days. Apparently, he only attended the Parliament session for five continuous days when the monsoon session resumed but then was absent for the next whole week.

He joined BJP this year on April 23 and then went on to contest the election in Gurdaspur constituency.

After winning the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections, against his rival Sunil Jakhar of Congress, with a margin of 82,459 votes, he has been in a few controversies with his new post.

The first one was when he appointed screenwriter Gurpreet Singh Palheri as his ‘aide’ to co-ordinate with government functionaries on his behalf. So basically, he outsourced his work. Why even get into politics if you don’t want to do the work?

Deol reported that Palheri will take care for the undertakings of his body electorate for his benefit. Party insiders said that Palheri had additionally been approved to take up issues identified with Gurdaspur with Deputy Commissioner Vipul Ujwal.

A BJP leader said, “Palheri’s appointment is a clear-cut indication that he has been authorised to chair meetings, including review meetings of the Central government-sponsored schemes, on behalf of Deol.” 

Individuals condemned him for misusing citizens’ cash.

As of late, Deol pulled of a gallant demonstration when he rescued a lady from Gurdaspur who was offered to a Pakistani man after a travel agent tricked her to Kuwait on guarantee of giving her work. The family of the lady pleaded Sunny Deol during his Kartarpur Corridor visit.


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