Netizens caught Realme India’s CEO Twitting from iPhone, Flooded with Memes

Netizens caught Realme India’s CEO Twitting from iPhone, Flooded with Memes

When we talk about the marketing of a brand ,we expect that the person who is the source himself , would use the same. Many a times ,it’s too awkward when the person who is acting a vital role in the success of a brand is using the different one at the same time.

Recently,same happened with the CEO of the Realme.

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According to the recent report by TOI, Realme CEO Madhav Sheth was “caught” using an iPhone on Twitter. After he recently posted a tweet about a new update for Realme 3 and 3i, people on the internet were able to catch a glimpse of ‘Twitter for iPhone’ at the bottom of the tweet!

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Now the screenshot of the same has been deleted but some sources managed to get the same .

Let’s have a look

It happens many a times,that the social media handles of the senior people of the company are managed by their managers . So the news might get a twist .

A report by Zee Business showed that apparently,the CEO was testing “renowned flagship phones” over the past few days. Madhav Sheth took to Twitter just a few hours after the ‘iPhone tweet’ incident and posted a picture of himself with 3 other phones he’d been testing, which more or less seems like a clarification.

This incidence gave a chance to netizens for recordbreaking memes submission .

Let’s have a look

The CEO might be having a bad day after the post got deleted and a new damage control was done to cover their inaccuracy.


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