No More Wastage Of Milk During Shravan, Lion Club Calcutta Kakurgachi Introduces A Holy Offering

No More Wastage Of Milk During Shravan, Lion Club Calcutta Kakurgachi Introduces A Holy Offering

Hindus all over the globe are observing Shravan – the heavenly month of fasting. Fans trust that the favorable heavenly month will conciliate Lord Shiva by supplicating, fasting, offering a pack of natural products, milk, and blooms.

Enthusiasts visit the Shiv sanctuary and perform Abhishek with nectar, milk and water to acquire ethics. All things considered, at any point pondered what befalls these contributions? They basically stream down into the channels.

Consistently interminable liters of milk streams down in the sewage channel. Though, a fourth of Indian families can’t manage the cost of milk. Roughly, 8 crore kids in our nation rest hungry.

Remembering this, the Lions Club of Kolkata, Kakurgachi has propelled an activity to spare the milk to bolster the poor families and kids by giving them a glass entryway refrigerator.

The Lions Club of Kolkata has as of late introduced an ice chest at Shiv Mandir in Saltlake Kolkata to spare the milk from escaping in the channel. Fans presently offer stuffed milk to Lord Shiva in the sanctuary, they contact the bundled milk to ruler shiva’s statue and later store it the cooler for the penniless individuals.

The milk that is kept in the cooler is later offered out to poor individuals. The one of a kind thought was executed after the individuals from Lions club Kakurgachi saw liters of milk escaping. They requested that the fans bring bundled milk for their Abhishek so the penniless individuals can take the milk later for their utilization.

Suraj Chokhani further stated, because of summer, the milk was spoilt. Consequently, the individuals from Lions Club Kakurgachi led a review where they inquired as to why they aren’t ready to utilize the put away milk. At that point they accompanied the splendid thought of introducing a cooler to spare milk and feed poor people.

All things considered, we can’t express gratitude toward The Lions Club of Calcutta, Kakurgachi enough for taking the effective!

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