No Single People Allowed At New Year’s Eve Events, Says Hyd Police.

No Single People Allowed At New Year’s Eve Events, Says Hyd Police.

Being single during the festive season all the way to the dawn of a new year is already pretty rough. If you’re single this time of the year, chances are, you’re dodging questions about NYE plans or trying to get yourself into a group of equally self-partnered friends.

Imagine the police trying to ruin your prospects for a year-end party. Stag entries have always been a pain for single men and women while couples breeze past security checks at clubs. This discriminatory aspect of partying is now made official by Hyderabad police.

Hyderabad’s Rachakonda police department has issued a statement restricting the entry of singles at New Year Parties. This bars single men and women from entering while couples and their friends are allowed entry.

Moreover, venues aren’t allowed to hire DJs. Event organisers will have to apply for special permissions to hire DJs. The sound limit is capped at 45 decibels and party time capped at 1 am. There goes your chance at having a loud bash full of dating prospects this new year.

Drink and drive cases are also being monitored in the city so expect cops to be on the lookout for anyone getting behind the wheel after downing a few drinks. Police authorities can seize vehicles and issue fine up to 10,000 or 6 months imprisonment or both in cases of drunk driving.

The advisory containing the new stringent rules of Hyderabadi NYE parties will be displayed at several hotels and clubs.

Stags might find themselves feeling a little left out this NYE but don’t you worry. Just remember Emma Watson’s freshly coined term ‘self-partnered’.


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