Not Only for Coronavirus Controversy but also 4 Times Kanika Kapoor Made the Headlines

Not Only for Coronavirus Controversy but also 4 Times Kanika Kapoor Made the Headlines

‘Baby Doll’ singer Kanika Kapoor became the first Bollywood celebrity who was tested positive for the coronavirus. She shared a post on social media and asked her fans to self-quarantine themselves and get tested if they notice any symptom.

Kanika made headlines many times. Here’s some of them:

1- Kanika was in news when Dr Zeus blamed her and Meet Bros for not giving him credit as the music producer of ‘Baby Doll’. Zeus also claimed that Kanika sold his music to top labels in India.

He told a leading daily, “She said that I used her and made money through her name, when the reality is that I was robbed by her. She has been selling my music to some of the top music labels in this country, saying that it’s her music.”

2- Kanika was yet again in news when she opened up about her marriage. She married Raj Chandok in 1997 and got divorced in 2012. The couple has three children.

Talking about her marriage, Kanika told, “I moved to London after school, got married at 18, was a mother at a very , very young age. And I suffered a lot emotionally also at a very young age. I was totally dependent on others when I took a stand to walk out of my marriage. That’s what pushed me to start doing what I do best. I had to deal with a lot of vicious rumours even after that.” 

3- Kanika grabbed many eyeballs when the rumours of her dating Shobhaa De’s son Aditya Kilachand started doing rounds. She even shared Aditya’s picture in one of her Instagram stories.

4- In 2018, a complaint was filed against Kanika, her manager and her agent by Aligarh police for cancelling an event and not returning back the money.


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