NSU Boy Changes His Gender Because The Girl He Loved Was A Lesbian

NSU Boy Changes His Gender Because The Girl He Loved Was A Lesbian

We all have listened about love stories of Romeo-Juliet, Laila Majnu and many other love birds. Today we’ll get to know about the love story of a boy who underwent gender change operation to get the love of his life.

A 26 year old and a student of North South University, Akash Hasan Abir was tall, handsome and a rich guy. Girls easily fell for him but he never paid attention to any girl and was always busy with his studies. In the same university there was a 25 year old girl Samia who was beautiful, hot and a gold digger. She loved to play with the feelings of boys. One day when Abir came out of library, he saw Samia who was standing with her other female friends. Abir who never paid attention to any girl, kept staring Samia till she was out of his sight. Abir had got his love at first sight. That’s how their story began.

Soon Abir approached her and they became friends. As time was passing by Abir thought he was getting closer in winning his love while on the other hand Samia considered Abir only a friend. But she understood his love for her and was taking full advantage of his innocence. She behaved like she was his girlfriend and accepted every gift by Abir. It’s obvious for anyone to get a misconception that the other person also loves you.

Abir finally decided to propose Samia on her birthday. He booked the whole restaurant for his plan to propose her. Though Samia was playing with his feelings, she was shocked to see the arrangements and realised that things were getting out of hands and should be stopped but she couldn’t tell Abir directly. Abir finally proposed Samia to which she instantly refused and said, “I cannot go in a relationship with you as I don’t like boys. I am just allergic to boys. To tell you the truth, I am a lesbian. I have relationship with other lesbian girl. I talk with guys just to make the outer world believe that I am normal. If you were like a girl, I would have never refused you as you are too sweet. But it’s not possible. So I am sorry!” Abir felt heart broken and he came out of the restaurant and went missing. Neither he came university nor he was at home.

There were rumours about Abir that being rejected by Samia he committed suicide. Samia realised her mistake and started missing Abir badly. Everyday she used to search Abir everywhere but he was not to be found. She start loving Abir and realised that it was her biggest mistake to reject Abir. She promised herself that once she finds Abir, she will never let him go.

After a weeks later Abir came university to meet Samia. Samia grabbed him with love and said,  “I love you, Abir! I love you! I had lied to you about being a lesbian. After you went missing, I realised how much I love you. I love you more than myself. Never leave me alone now!” Abir couldn’t realise whether he should be happy or sad. He pushed her off and said, “I just went under a gender change operation for you!”

Samia was shocked after hearing this and her love for Abir increased even more. And the interesting thing is that next week Samia will get her gender changed for Abir.