OMG! 10 Bollywood Celebs who are not Straight, Last one is Fresh Entry in the Gay Club

OMG! 10 Bollywood Celebs who are not Straight, Last one is Fresh Entry in the Gay Club

homosexuality remain a debate topic in India . these  Bollywood celebrities are try to change the social view and societal constructive  to make more inclusive society .
many gay and lesbian celebrities work in Bollywood .    But here the trend shows that there are a large number of gay and lesbian celebrities in India in the fashion industry. I  think fashion industry has easily adapted them, this could be the reason for them being popular:

Vikram Seth

To begin, we have a reputable real life character. They did some good work about gender equality Apart from this, he wrote his thoughts about the cause. vikram Seth is a novelist and great poet . he recived many awards such as Padma Shri, Sahitya Akademi Award, Crossword Book Award, Pravasi  Bharatiya Samman and WH Smith Literary Award. He strongly wrote the  poem, responding  the increasing intolerance towards sexual minorities.

Sridhar Rangayan

He has directed a movie  with a distinct focus on homosexuality. He gave several good projects of gender minorities. His most talk about projects is “The Pink Mirror” and “Your Emotions”. his “Pink Mirror ” project still banned in India by CBFC  Apart from this, he works as a gay worker.

 Bobby Darling

Big Boss contest Boby Darling went through a gender transformation . she  acted as a guy in 18 movies .

Karan Johar

probably he is the most rumoured celebs in the country about their sexual  identity but he remained quite private about his sexuality.He is the director-producer who gave some revolutionary hits to the industry.

Vj Andy

vj Andy  who  host  the MTv show ‘DARE TO DATE ‘ is next rumoured guy of film industry . though he never clear his sexual identity .

 Manish Malhotra

the Most famous fashion designer MANISH MALHOTRA who always  been in circle of question about his sexuality .he has designed clothes for several films and actresses. His unique vision makes him famous in the film industry

Sabyasachi Mukherjee

Sabasachi Mukherjee- One of the most influential fashion designers , he definitely felt his presence with the range of wearing his ethnicity. He remains as one of the few celebrities who are not in the closet. Generating huge revenue from its carefully designed designs, he remains one of the most prominent traders in the industry.he also belong to the  homogeneous sexual group .

Mink Brar

she once accept her sexual identity but further he deny with  her statement .

Sonal Giani

She is co-founder of several homo-sexual initiatives, Umang and Yaariyan which are lesbian-bisexual-transgender initiatives in Mumbai.she has represented the Indian LGBTQ community worldwide and . His documentary “Kankedad Hum Tum” shares a struggle as a bisexual woman in India.