OMG! Do You Know, These 5 Actors Who Have Appeared In Most Movies!

OMG! Do You Know, These 5 Actors Who Have Appeared In Most Movies!

Cinema is not limited to just a single perspective . It has spread its roots worldwide ..

We have talked several times about the B-town celebs , but do you know about these celebs from the South ..

Let’s see some of them who have done a remarkable job in the cinema world.


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Brahmanandam is a famous Telegu comedian who has been a part of Hindi, Tamil as well as Kannada films. He currently holds a Guinness world record, which is for the most screen credits of a living actor! The comedian has already completed 960 films, and soon will accomplish a goal of 1000 movies. His last movie was Duvvada Jagannadham.


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The man with the best comedy and character roles, Sreekumar Achary who is popularly known as Jagathy Sreekumar, has crossed the mark of 1000 movies, as the star has done 1029 Malayalam movies, and most of them were spectacular. He has worked on a career which almost spans four decades. He worked until the 1029th movie, bu then he met with a fatal accident and dropped acting.

ADOOR BHASI – 2000 Films

K. Bhaskaran Nair, who is also known by his stage name, “Adoor Bhasi” was a famous Indian actor who was always cast as the man who stands right next to the hero. This legendary man was a part of 2000 movies, which is unbelievable, as well as impressive. But, the world lost this great talent in 1990. Even though this man lived less, but he made enough out of it.

MANORAMA – 1500 Films

Gopishantha who is mostly known as Manorama was one of the greatest Indian actresses and comedian. The legend made a record of appearing in 1500 films as well as 5000 stage performances. She was also known as Achi and Female Shivaji! But, unfortunately, Tamil Film Industry lost this star when she was 78.

SUKUMARI – 2500 Films

This is the most heard name, as well the actor who was a part of most movies in this whole industry. Sukumari, who was born in 1940, made her skillful appearance in Tamil and Malayalam movies. The lady started acting in movies since she was just 10 year old. Her skills and nature made her a part of each heart. But, unfortunately the film industry lost this star in 2013.

They are just admirable ..


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