Mia Khalifa is currently a connected with lady after she said yes to her long-term Swedish culinary expert sweetheart, Robert Sandberg’s wedding proposition on Thursday

She’s currently got a ring on it! Previous pornography star Mia Khalifa is currently a connected with lady after she said yes to her long-term Swedish gourmet specialist sweetheart, Robert Sandberg’s wedding proposition on Thursday. What’s more, from what we heard, the proposition was certainly thrilling.

The glad couple shared the news on Instagram, where Sandberg point by point how the proposition really went down. As indicated by the gourmet specialist, who shrouded the ring in a bowl of dried fixings, Khalifa was practically going to eat the ring with the “new serving”, before he came and spared the day, reports the Guardian.

He composed on his Instagram post, “We went to Chicago this end of the week and had a magnificent supper at Smyth. I proposed to @miakhalifa and she said YES! The ring was covered up in a bowl of dried fixings and turned out as ‘another serving’.”

He proceeded, “Mia was excessively inquisitive and too anxious to even think about tasting so she began to eat the unappetizing fixings. I advised her not to do it and after that I put the ring on the finger. I cherish you so much (heart emoticon).” The star cook finished up the post, “Thank you @chefjohnshields and group for a great night and for getting this going.”

The games analyst too affirmed the glad news through her online life account. Nearby a ridiculous picture of herself and Sandberg, she expressed, “Thank you a million times over for the whole group at @smythchicago for aiding @robertsandberg propose ?♥️ this outing and supper should praise him getting his visa!”

She kept spouting, saying, “Robert has planted the seed so somewhere down in my psyche for such a long time that he abhors eatery recommendations so I never at any point, saw this coming. I cherish y’all to such an extent! Much thanks to you!” She further finished up the post with the hashtag “StockholmSyndrome”.

This will be the previous pornography star’s second marriage, for she was recently hitched to an American businessperson in February 2011, however the character of her first spouse is to a great extent obscure. Sandberg and Khalifa supposedly met in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he works for the Michelin-star eatery, Kong Hans Kælder, according to the Daily Star.

The charming couple commended their half year commemoration with sweet tributes via web-based networking media for one another. While Khalifa stated, “Through all the fantastic dinners we’ve had, and will have together, I’m lucky to the point that you’re my sweet every time [Robert Sandberg]”, Sandberg imparted a photograph of the couple to the subtitle, “What might life be without you child? It would be useless.”

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