One Female Student Bagged Highest Annual Package of Rs ₹1.45 Crore At IIIT Delhi

One Female Student Bagged Highest Annual Package of  Rs ₹1.45 Crore At IIIT Delhi

For the first time for the institute, a student from Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology,Delhi (IIIT-D) has bagged a package of Rs 1.45 crore per annum. She belongs to the 2020 graduating batch from the university in computer science engineering and has been offered the highest package.

Including the UG and PG placements, students received packages up to Rs 43 lakh and Rs 33 lakh. The average compensation is said to be Rs 16.33 lakh and the median stands at Rs 14.85 lakh.

According to reports, the students from this 2020 batch have received a total of562 offers, including 310 full-time and 252 internships, along with one international offer from Facebook.

Companies which visited the campus for placements include Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, Adobe, Qualcomm, Nvidia, Wadhwani AI, WDC, Tower Research, HSBC MathWorks, Harmon Kardon, Reliance &Samsung R&D.

Some of the top companies offering internships included NetApp making 4 offers, Nvidia making 8 offers, Tower Research offering 4 students, Adobeclosing with 4 offers, Amazon and Google with six each, and one from Facebook London with a stipend of Rs 3.31 lakh.

Apart from the above mentioned offers for the current batch, the institute also received 108 internships for the students graduating in 2021.

The student who got the internship at Facebook London will get a stipend of Rs 3.31 Lakhs whereas the Tower Research interns will be getting a stipend of Rs 1 Lakhs and the Google interns will get a stipend of Rs 93,000.

Yes you got it right its the stipend!!


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