Online Buyer Asks For Real Photos Of Dress, So Seller Sends Images Of Himself Wearing Them

Online Buyer Asks For Real Photos Of Dress, So Seller Sends Images Of Himself Wearing Them

A lot of us know that online stores can’t always be trusted about the products they are trying to sell. The photos on the site often look impressive but many online buyers will tell you that they have been duped at least once, with the actual product not looking anywhere as lovely as the ad photo.

Most of the time the things are terribly different from what’s shown in the photos. This experience of just about all folks even gave rise to the ‘Expectation vs. Reality’ meme. Thus one online customer determined to be very little watchful and asked the vendor of the items to send the particular photos of the dress she liked and amazingly he did.

While browsing for gowns on AliExpress, a Chinese company owned by Alibaba, Andreea Patriche found a lovely bejeweled backless chiffon dress that came in several color options. The gown looked stunning on the ad, but she knew the actual item might not come even close.

So, Patriche messaged the seller to ask for actual photos of the dress. She probably expected the seller to send photos of the dressed laid down on the table or even worn by a mannequin, but the Chinese store owner had a brilliant idea.

The online vendor with the username Ali express and shop 739960 accepted the woman’s request. Andreea was stunned to see that the vendor sent her the photographs of himself wearing the backless robes for her. Surely, this would be the best ‘actual photos’ of the dress, right?

Patriche said:
“I found a shop that sold prom dresses and wedding dresses so I asked for real photos rather than stock photos and the seller sent me these (photos) of him trying them on.”

The dress was made of spandex, polyester, and synthetic leather material and will be customized to varied colours like yellow, pink, orange, peach and purple. The sizes vary from a pair of to twenty in the United States.

The dresses literally looked good and had the beads and jewels on the cloth. However what stunned the netizens was the very fact that the vendor went beyond the normal approach and provided the client with the real photos of the dress. 

Sadly, the dresses aren’t any longer out there however this online seller went viral after his photos wearing the robes recently surfaced on Reddit. The images received many comments and therefore the users praised him and gave him the title of the ‘Disney princess.’