Pak PM Imran Khan’s Former Wife Reham Khan Heavily Slammed Him Over Article 370

Pak PM Imran Khan’s Former Wife Reham Khan Heavily Slammed Him Over Article 370

Abrogation of Article 370 by the Indian government has been a hot topic in media for the last few weeks. With India revoking the special status for the Kashmir state, there have been widespread tensions across the border. For several years now, both India and Pakistan have been fighting to claim Kashmir as their own. Now, with whatever development has taken place in the last few days, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s former wife Reham Khan didn’t seem to be too impressed.

In a video, she slammed the leader of the government for the way he has handled the entire issue. She said that Imran Khan has failed in handling the international diplomacies like his counterpart Narendra Modi. Reham said that she didn’t like the choice of words from the TV channels who claimed that Modi delivered a wonderful googly. Furthermore, she expressed bemusement about the Pakistan government claiming that they didn’t know what was coming.

Reham Khan also slammed the politicians for showing the Pakistani population improbable dreams for the sake of politics. She claimed that this was all done by the politicians to maintain their power and to save their chairs. Moreover, she noted that the people have been taught from the last 72 years to love Kashmir and think it is an integral part of Pakistan.

“From the last 72 years, we have been taught to love Kashmir, think that Kashmir is our integral part. We were also shown the dreams that Kashmir would one day be a part of Pakistan. Why was this all done? We have understood it now. You have only used Kashmir to maintain your power, for your politics and to save your chairs,” she said.

Reham Khan sarcastically remarked that Imran Khan didn’t know anything about the abrogation of Article 370 in advance. She slammed him for expressing surprise that India decided to go ahead with this move. Reham seemed bewildered that the Pakistan Prime Minister didn’t even go through the manifesto of the Modi government before the elections. Moreover, she abused her former husband for hardly taking any action about the issue.

Here is the video:


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