Pakistan opens historic Hindu temple in Sialkot for worship after 72 years

Pakistan opens historic Hindu temple in Sialkot for worship after 72 years

Pakistan has opened a 1,000-year-old Hindu temple in eastern city Sialkot for “revere” just because since segment on the interest of the nearby Hindu people group, authorities said on Monday.

The Shawala Teja Singh temple, situated in city’s blocked Dhaarowal region, some 100-km from Lahore, is over 1,000 years of age, as indicated by the book ‘History of Sialkot’ by the late Rashid Niaz.

ETPB representative Amir Hashmi told PTI, “The Evacuee Trust Property Board, which looks after the holy places of minorities in Pakistan, has opened Shawala Teja Singh temple after the partition on the demand of the local Hindu community.” 

He said since there was no Hindu populace before living in the city the temple was shut for worship.

“The temple was partially damaged during attacks on temples here in reaction to Babri Mosque in 1992,” he stated, including that the ETPB did reclamation work of the sanctuary on the course of Board director Dr Amir Ahmed as of late.

ETPB Deputy Director Fraz Abbas revealed to PTI that the reclamation work of this sanctuary is as yet in progress and the board is relied upon to finish it in no time.

He said, “The temple has been opened for worship for the first time since partition. Some 2,000 Hindus are residing in this locality and they are so happy to visit their centuries old worship place. Now a good number of local Hindus are visiting it. Hindus from other parts of the country are also expected to visit this temple.”

Abbas said the meeting Indian Hindus will likewise be taken to this temple.

Nearby Hindu pioneers Rattan Laal and Rumaish Kumar have respected the administration’s progression to reestablish the temple and open it for the minority network.

Hindus structure the greatest minority network in Pakistan.

As per authority gauges, 75 lakh Hindus live in Pakistan. Be that as it may, as per the network, more than 90 lakh Hindus are living in the nation.

Larger part of Pakistan’s Hindu populace is settled in Sindh area where they offer culture, customs and language with their Muslim colleagues.


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