Pakistani Locals Beat Their Own F-16 Pilot, Mistook Him For An Indian

Pakistani Locals Beat Their Own F-16 Pilot, Mistook Him For An Indian

Just before our Indian Air Force Pilot’s Aircraft MIG 21 was going to crash, Wing Commander has even figured out how to crash inverse Pakistan’s F-16 Aircraft. Wing Commander shot out his seat and arrived on the Pakistan Side of the Line of Control. He was then thumped by local people, caught, and now joyfully returned as well. Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the other Indian Pilot the Pakistan guarantee to have conceded in the Hospital?

All things considered, that Indian Pilot isn’t Indian in any way. It was their own Pakistani Air Force Pilot who was flying the Pakistan F-16 Aircraft, which was made to crash by our Wing Commander Abhinandan. The PAF Pilot is named Shahaz-Ud-Din, who additionally happened to fall at a comparable spot like that of our Abhinandan.

However, he was additionally mixed up to be of Indian nationality by the Pakistani local people. They mercilessly beat him up, much the same as they did to our Wing Commander. Luckily, Our Wing Commander was before long found by the Pakistani Army and spared from the furious local people.

Tragically, PAF Pilot Shahaz-Ud-Din couldn’t be spared even after he was admitted to the emergency clinic. He was harmed so severely that he couldn’t endure the accident combined with the irate local people’s beatings. Upon point by point examination on the partner of our Wing Commander, his subtleties were found.

PAF Wing Commander Shahaz-Ud-Din was flying Pakistan’s F-16 flying machine. He likewise had a place with a distinguished military family. The dad of Pakistan Pilot named, Waseem-Ud-Din, was additionally an Air Marshal of the Pakistan Air Force. He additionally has a background marked by flying F-16s and Mirages of the Pakistan Forces.

This news has not turned out as it was a slip-up on part of local people who were irate yet not sufficiently cognizant to consider the individual they have found. Expectation his spirit discovers harmony as he has lost his life serving his country and doing what he adores.