People Are Now Boycotting Zomato & Uber Eats Because They Don’t Agree That ‘Food Is Religion’

People Are Now Boycotting Zomato & Uber Eats Because They Don’t Agree That ‘Food Is Religion’

Keep in mind the man who dropped his Zomato request since he didn’t need a ‘Non-Hindu’ fellow conveying his food? Obviously, you do. That is the intriguing issue at the present time and the entire country is having a discussion around it.

At the point when the man took his objection to Twitter, Zomato served him a savage burn and composed, “Food doesn’t have a religion. It is a religion.”

While the vast majority are praising Zomato for this reaction and denouncing the man for spreading ‘collective scorn’, looks like there are some who happen to concur with him and began scrutinizing the sustenance conveyance application over ‘halal meat’.

Actually, they even began hashtags ‘#BoycottZomato’ and ‘#ZomatoUninstalled’. It was initially a war between certain individuals and Zomato, yet out of the blue, individuals likewise began boycotting Uber Eats, since they stated, “We stand by you”.

As per a report, the man who dropped the Zomato request and set off this bedlam, has now been sent a notice by Madhya Pradesh police. They have put him under reconnaissance and have even cautioned him not to tweet whatever can cause difference or threatening vibe among individuals. In the event that he tweets something questionable in the following a half year, he will be sent to imprison.

At the point when individuals were caught up with discussing, there were some on Twitter who were occupied with doing what they specialize in – make jokes on everything without exception. In the midst of this, another tweet is turning into a web sensation that has started some clever images and jokes. The tweet is this, “What is the difference between halal and jhatka?”


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