Pictures That Show Jason Mamoa’s Stunning Changeover From 13 to 39

Pictures That Show Jason Mamoa’s Stunning Changeover From 13 to 39

Do you too also have a friend that stopped watching GoT because Khal Drogo died and left us impoverished of being able to see his amazing physique in new adventures every week? Because I do.
First of all, can we please have discussion? Okay.
How can Jason Momoa be real? HOW?! I mean, have you seen the guy? It takes every bit of restraint to not say something inappropriate right now. So let’s just dive into his transformation from a cute 13-year-old to an OMFG-ARE-YOU-FOR-REAL 39-year old and shut up.

Handsome Hunk

So, this is baby Jason. One can simply see that this is hotness in the making.

Gorgeous Guy

He has this sweater that does stuff. He looks attractive in those short hairs.

Perfect Body

Here, he does not have a sweater, but he certainly does stuff. Kinda weird looking at him not a boy, not yet a man (yes, I used a Britney song reference, so what).

Mesmerising Eyes

You will be totally mesmerized by his beautiful eyes. He has a little cut on one of his eyebrows.


He is a man with many talents.

His Hair

His hair are one of his attractive possession.


He has left everyone in shock by his amazing transformation.


Oh, back to being less of a shock. You know hot, but like, ‘yeah, he’s a hot guy’ hot. 

Beach Guy

How much time does one have to spend working out to look like this, tell me. Is it efforts? Is it genetics? Is it having a god-like nature?

Can He Be Any Cuter?

Literally everything is so perfect.


He is famous for his character in Game Of Thrones, as ‘Khaal Drogo’.


Aw, this is when he’s being interviewed about something, you know, when he’s being super cute and all cool and natural, as if he isn’t the most perfect man on the planet.


He had played a lead role in  D.C’s Aquaman.

Khaal Drago

His best look ever.

Most Handsome Man

That’s like, a modern-day horse for a Khal. He’s the most handsome guy on earth.


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