Pre-Wedding Photoshoots & Male Choreographers are banned in Bhopal, ‘Against Our Culture’?

Pre-Wedding Photoshoots & Male Choreographers are banned in Bhopal, ‘Against Our Culture’?

Pre-wedding photo-shoots are the new in trend. The couples are much more expressive now a days. They show their love for each other through the chemistry in the photo-shoot ,which is indeed a good thing .But ,when it comes to the Indian culture and values ,some people believe that these photo sessions are just against the culture and the ethical values of the Indian society.

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The same incident happened in the state of Madhya Pradesh ,where
public relations minister PC Sharma just resisted the idea of the pre wedding photo shoot as he has the perception that these are against the culture and looks vulgar .The Gujarati, Sindhi and Jain community in Bhopal said that there should be a ban on pre-wedding photoshoots who have banned this practice in their communities. 

P C Sharma told to ANI “ These things were certainly not a part of our culture. I believe that whatever people prohibit, it is from a social point of view. If people start following old trends and cultures again, their marriages will become more successful and joyful. “

Members of the Gujarati, Jain and Sindhi communities in Bhopal feared to boycott families in the community if they break the rules of the ban on pre-wedding shoots. Circulars have been issued terming the guidelines to the members of these communities and warning them.

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National General Secretary of Gujarati Samaj Sanjay Patel quoted :”
Pre-wedding shoot is wrong. It has been felt that many marriages break even before they take off, so our executive body has decided to stop this tradition.”

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Bhopal’s Jain and Gujarati Samaj organisations have also issued a ban on male choreographers training female members at wedding functions and women dancing at wedding processions.

They seem to shorten the culture by these bans.What you guys think about these communities ? Feel free to share your views


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