Pregnant Sania Mirza Looks Stunning with Shoaib Malik at her Grand Baby shower with Family

Pregnant Sania Mirza Looks Stunning with Shoaib Malik at her Grand Baby shower with Family

As you may  know famous indian tennis player and soon-to-be-mom Sania Mirza is enjoying her motherhood phase recently her baby sister Anam Mirza surprised Sania with a baby-shower-cum-pyjama party and Sania enjoying her last trimester in Hyderabad with her parents and sister but she was not alone Sania was with her husband Shoaib Malik too joined his pregnant wife in the ‘City Of Biryani’.

In that pyjama party Sania was wearing a yellow dress and her unmissable pregnancy glow accentuated the look her husband Shoaib  was in a simple maroon colored t-shirt.there was a special cake for Sania , which had ‘Baby Mirza Malik’ written she post some for the photos on her social media account.

Recently a reporter ask Sania in a interview about her baby’s name she reply ‘without any battle mutually, we shortlisted some name’ after that she said ‘it doesn’t matter if its going to be a boy or a girl,I would hope, pray and wish for it to be a healthy child regardless of the gender.”

Sania also give a important message she said ‘every one should follow there dreams whatever they are even if they are out of the box or out of the ordinary, you have to believe in yourself.”

Sania also talk about her sleepless nights she said ‘recently i am spending quite a few sleepless nights due to the discomforts and only that i though changing diapers may be a new job for me which I am actually looking forward to ,Sania  say motherhood is a natural phenomena and a most important phase in a woman’s life, everything have changed in just few months.

She was also asked about how she feel the difficult to stay away from the tennis court,she reply’for the first time in my life I was able to relax properly and with no pressures of career and training in my mind or to following a strict diet among other things.but I always miss competing in tennis and I always  believed in embracing the changes that life keeps throwing up although its been a  wonderful experience.’


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