Private Party Pictures Of Bollywood Celebrities

Private Party Pictures Of Bollywood Celebrities

We for the most part accept that huge names have a particular life that are not the slightest bit like the ones we live. They don’t have a huge amount of fun or are always covered in make or have no issue as we do.

Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh

Ali Zafar passed on selfies and “groupfies” into the web based life and substantiated himself the best bad-to-the-bone partier out there! Here we see him in a game plan of various photos with people like Hrithik Roshan and Ranveer Singh having an event time!

Deepika Padukone with Homi Adijania and Arjun Kapoor

Spilled photos of Deepika Padukone with Homi Adijania and Arjun Kapoor at a private restricted time party for the film Finding Fanny appeared on the web and we see them busy with particularly a fiesty trade!

Sanjay Dutt and Shah Rukh Khan

Crushed photos are the most exceedingly horrible. Celebrity alcoholic photos are simply mortifying. Here we see none other than our “Bhai” Sanjay Dutt being held up by Shah Rukh Khan as he slurs and fights to stand upstanding. In addition, Shah Rukh Khan doesn’t look fulfilled.

Sonam Kapoor

Here is our dazzling Sonam Kapoor allowing her hair to down after a long and crazy time standing up to the camera and going to events where she gives various performers a continue running for their money by the way in which she dresses. In any case, who is that enigma man on whom she is slanting?

Bipasha Basu

Bipasha Basu was obviously irritated over her private birthday gathering pictures being discharged on the web. Regardless, we got a sneak top into this staggering Bengali sensation looking like a playful child at her birthday party.

Shruti Hasan and Anirudh Ravichander

Shruti Hasan is tinsel town’s one of the most present people. Here is the wonderful and cheerful youngster with a partner taking a selfie with buddy and energetic Tamil arranger, Anirudh Ravichander.

Amisha Patel

The upbeat Amisha Patel goes to a social occasion with refreshment in one hand, a dazzling sack on the other and a smile on her lips. We’re sure she had a genuine astonishing time.


We are familiar with seeing Katrina in an ideal and hot apparel as a rule. We understand that her will by and large be perfect yet here we see a never-seen picture of Katrina sitting on a vehicle hood with glass close by chatting with a friend.

Dimpy Ganguly

Dimpy Ganguly continually valued the spotlight as far back as she was first seen on a TV unscripted TV dramatization. In addition, this picture shows nothing not as much as that. The youngster needs to social occasion and she obviously appreciates the spotlight.

Kareena Kapoor

Kareena Kapoor in an alcoholic state getting shot with her pet.

Shilpi Sharma

A jolting blend of heavenly excellence with beats that makes her music the admirer of life.

Shah Rukh Khan

Sharukh Khan ,the Bollywood lord of sentiment living it up with lovely women at a gathering.


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