Rapper Raftaar Defends Neha Dhupia For Her Controversial Statement, Netizens are Unhappy

Rapper Raftaar Defends Neha Dhupia For Her Controversial Statement, Netizens are Unhappy

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One of the popular reality show , that is entertaining the audience is Roadies . It’s been more than a decade that people are having a great time ,watching it every year. Then comes the auditions , which are more popular than the real journey. Many contestants come to the show who put a smile on the face of judges but many raise their temperature and they seem to loose their control over some contestants .

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This is what happened when Neha Dhupia lost her control over one of the contestants and rest is history . We are talking about the not so recent incident but the much famous one, when Neha lashed out at a guy who had come for auditions after he confessed to slapping his former GF for cheating on him.

Raftaar Speaks About Neha Dhupia Roadies Controversy

Now , after a span , the co- judge of Neha , Raftaar broke his silence , when he had an interview with Bollywood Hungama . When he was asked about the incidence , he said :  “What happened to that guy was very wrong. I was also feeling very bad. When the video ended, I only told him, ‘Karan, people aren’t angry with you because hit her. They are angry because you think you were right to have hit her.”

Raftaar Opens Up About Neha Dhupia Roadies Controversy

After that , when he was asked that what transpired in the entire incident ?he said ” probably things did not transpire in the right way on TV. The way he was speaking and the way he was responding… he did not seem sorry for it. He seemed glad about the fact that he hit her. Why he hit her is something else. We do not want to get into anybody’s personal life. It depends on how close two people in a relationship are, and how much freedom they grant each other. If you hold the right to hit someone, probably that someone also has the right to hit you back. It did not look like he had a realization of his own wrong-doing. But it might also have been the case that he believed what he did was right.”

When Raftaar was asked about the trolling of Neha and family , that why are they being targetted by people and are facing the utmost trolling ? the rapper and singer answered: “it’s just easier for people to target someone who is famous!

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