Read Why: Moeen Ali & Adil Rashid Decided To Walk Away From The World Cup 2019 Celebrations

Read Why: Moeen Ali & Adil Rashid Decided To Walk Away From The World Cup 2019 Celebrations

Britain made history and broke their World Cup curse record as the English players lifted the cup yesterday at their home ground Lords. Their fantasy of lifting the World Cup was broken once as well as thrice in the mega cricketing occasion 1979, 1987 and 1992.

The last match was at least any Bollywood motion picture. Individuals watching the match could feel the tremors of unsettling. This was by a long shot the most marvelous World Cup regularly, keeping everybody on the edge of their seats.

The 50 over match finished in a tie England pursued 241 keeps running as set by New Zealand. Without precedent for the World Cup history, very Over was led in the World Cup finals still both the groups finished on a tie as both scored 15 runs each. Later the victor of World Cup 2019 was chosen according to the ICC rules which prompted the check of limits, which group hit progressively number of limits and the destiny of England was delegated.

Be that as it may, when the trophy was given over after the photograph session was finished. The English players began drenching each other with champagne however two of the English players chose to venture back and watch the wild festivals of their colleagues.

They’re non-other than Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid both the players chose to observe the world cup festivities from the sidelines. It’s said Adil and Moeen both are dedicated supporters of Islam and in their religion utilization of liquor is taboo.

Indeed, this the main motivation behind why Moeen and Adil rapidly kept running off the platform when Jonny Bairstow too out the champagne to splash out. You can watch the ungainly keep running off festival underneath:

These two players never neglect to win our regard!


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