Remember ‘Rambha’? This is How Salman’s Co-Actress Looks after 24 Years of movie ‘Judwaa’

Remember ‘Rambha’? This is How Salman’s Co-Actress Looks after 24 Years of movie ‘Judwaa’

Remember the beautiful Rambha? The South Indian beauty, who worked with Bollywood superstar Salman Khan in David Dhawan’s Judwaa (1997).

I bet you remember.

Hailing from Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh, Rambha’s real name is Vijayalakshmi. She is now settled in Canada, married and a mother of two daughters and a son.

She started her acting career in 1992 with the role of ‘Rambha’ (her screen name) in the Telugu film ‘Aa Okkati Adakku.’

She has acted in over 100 films in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada and Hindi, is best known to Bollywood audiences through her performances in Judwaa, Kyunki Main Jhooth Nahin Bolta, Gharwali Baharwali, Bandhan and Krodh.

After her marriage she had given up films and has judged a very popular Tamil TV show Maanada Mayilada, and the Telugu dance show Dhee. After a long gap she came back from Toronto, she appeared as a judge of Zee Telugu dance show ABCD-Anybody Can Dance and judged Kings of Comedy Juniors on Vijay TV.

She is a brand ambassador for Kolors health care, Chennai and also for her husband’s firm based in Toronto.

Rambha made several hearts go Tan Tana Tan Tan Tan Tara, when she grooved with Salman Khan in Judwaa however, she looks a far cry from her former self now.

Let’s have a look at the actress latest pictures!

During the Dabanng Tour 2018 in Canada, Salman Khan met Rambha and her family. It was a major throwback for all the Judwaa movie Lovers.


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