Retired IAF Soldier Donates Rs 1.08 Crore To Defence Ministry 40 Years After Retirement

Retired IAF Soldier Donates Rs 1.08 Crore To Defence Ministry 40 Years After Retirement

In a news that would motivate us to do our bit for the nation, a resigned Indian Air Force (IAF) officer gave practically whole reserve funds of his life to Ministry of Defense. The 74-year-old CBR Prasad, a resigned aviator gave Rs 1.08 crore to the safeguard powers and this sum is the acquiring of as long as he can remember as he has begun a poultry ranch in the wake of resigning from the IAF.

“After 9 years I left the Indian Air Force (IAF) because the Indian Railways offered me a good job. Unfortunately, I did not get that job. I started a small poultry farm for my livelihood. Fortunately, I did well,” Prasad was cited to as saying by news organization ANI.

He included, “After fulfilling my family responsibilities, I thought I should give back to the defence whatever I got from there. I decided to give Rs 1.08 crore to the defence forces.” 

Prasad met defence minister Rajnath Singh and gave over the cheque. Prasad had begun poultry cultivating and has buckled down for more than 30 years after retirement. Prasad has likewise set up a games college with a plan to support the general public. Prasad served the IAF for a long time before he left it. Asked whether his family endorsed his choice to give his sparing, he stated,
“Absolutely, no problem. I have given my daughter 2 per cent of my property and one per cent to my wife. Rest 97 per cent, I am giving back to the society.”

Prasad was unassuming in telling about his gathering with barrier serve Rajnath Singh. Being modest is the trademark of an officer.

He says, “Rajnath Singh was happy to see that such a small sepoy was giving his entire savings back to the defence.” 

He additionally shared the story behind him getting the plan to give his sparing to Defense Ministry. Prasad says it’s a real issue.

He said, “When I was 20 years, and I was working in the Air Force, my officers called one gentleman GD Naidu from Coimbatore as a Chief Guest. He said that India was a great country because our sages thought that we should give back to our society, once our family responsibility is over,” 

“You should not take back anything because you did not get anything while coming. Give that minimum needed to your family and the rest to the society and rest of the life work for the society,” he included.

The resigned trooper likewise talked about his long periods of battle, “I left home with Rs 5 in my pocket and earned 500-acre land with my bare hard work. I have given 5-acre to my wife and 10-acre to my daughter and rest everything, I am utilising for the society,” includes the resigned IAF man.

Prasad says that he had a fantasy of winning an Olympic medal for the nation, however couldn’t do as such and now he prepares kids at his games college, with the goal that they can win an Olympic gold for the nation.

“I established one sports university like campus in about 50 acres of land. In another 50 acres of land, I am building another sports university. My ambition is to build two sports universities — one for boys and one for girls. As a child, I had the ambition to win Olympic medal but I could not. So, for the last 20 years, I have been training children,” the resigned trooper Prasad says.


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