Rishi Kapoor is shocked at Rs 27 lakh sneakers in New York. Internet feels the same

Rishi Kapoor is shocked at Rs 27 lakh sneakers in New York. Internet feels the same

There is a term called sneakerhead that is utilized for an individual who is extremely enthusiastic about his shoes. The sneakerheads are the general population who are prepared to spend colossal measures of cash on the prized assets that are their shoes.

In Bollywood, Ranbir Kapoor, Shahid Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh are known to have the most selective shoe accumulations. Ranbir Kapoor’s father, Rishi Kapoor who is as of now in recuperation in the wake of crushing Cancer is in New York City right now with his family. He as of late wandered into shoe store and his mind was blown taking a gander at the costs of a portion of those tennis shoes.

He took to his official Twitter record to impart his experience to his devotees. He inscribed the tweet, “Greatest tennis shoe store I have seen with in excess of 12,000 styles and models in NY. Stunned to see tennis shoes sell for USD 40,000 (Rs 27,56,900), USD 27,000 (Rs 18,60,907), USD 25,000 (Rs 17,23,062) and USD 20,000 (Rs 13,78,450) etc…Most sell for USD 5,000 (Rs 3,44,732) or more.” It that indicated different pictures of the humongous shoe store.

He again considered to demonstrate precisely which shoes he was discussing. He inscribed this tweet, “Zoom on to the costs underneath and see it. Helped to remember the maxim. ‘Joota sone ka ho ya chaandi ka-pehna toh jaata hai paon mein’ Crazy!” and shared the pictures of four shoes.

The Air Jordans were estimated at Rs 18,60,907 (USD 27,000), Rs 13,78,450 (USD 20,000), Rs 17,23,062 (USD 25,000), Rs 27,56,900 (USD 40,000).

Twitter is going crazy with the costs of the tennis shoes. Examine the remarks on Rishi Kapoor’s Twitter string.


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