Roger Federer Asks For ‘Classic’ Bollywood Movie Suggestions But Fans Had Other Plans

Roger Federer Asks For ‘Classic’ Bollywood Movie Suggestions But Fans Had Other Plans

Do you know what the entire world loves about India the most? Yes, of course, the food but also…


The energy, colours, dance, music, and dialogues are something anyone can get hooked to within minutes, and it gets really difficult to not fall in love with them. So much so that even tennis legend Roger Federer is willing to binge on Bollywood classics!

Tennis legend Roger Federer surprised his fans, especially Indians, when he asked for Bollywood movie recommendation on Twitter. The twenty-time Grand Slam winner who has a massive fan following across the world was apparently finding it tough to decide which movie to watch while he was on his flight. So, he asked his followers.

It was time for desi fans to step up and pull up their A-game – something Roger wasn’t at all ready for! Soon, his profile was flooded with recommendations from classic and cult films.

However, while there were many who genuinely recommended good films, there were some recommendations that will make you facepalm!

A few tweets recommended films starring Arbaaz Khan, who tends to look A LOT like Roger Federer. Have you noticed?

Though there were a lot of suggestions, might be hilarious if Federer actually decides to watch one of the Arbaaz Khan movies. Federer will be binging on Bollywood films for quite some time now. You cannot stop once you start!


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