Roman Reigns ‘Superman-Punched’ His Cancer In The Face & Is Set To Make A Comeback Next Week

Roman Reigns ‘Superman-Punched’ His Cancer In The Face & Is Set To Make A Comeback Next Week

The WWE Universe was in supreme stun when in October a year ago, the one-time Universal Champion, Roman Reigns let the world expertise he had Leukemia and had been battling blood malignancy for a long time off camera.

On a later October episode of Monday night Raw, the Samoan wrestler let the people realize that so as to fight the ailment all the more personally, he needed to leave from the WWE for quite a while and needed to surrender his title.

Breaking his character for perhaps the absolute first time, Reigns had stated: “My real name is Joe and I have been living with Leukemia for 11 years.”

People were crying and hurted however were joined in help of the ‘Big Dog’.

Yet, Reigns remembered to make reference to that he is not the slightest bit resigning from WWE and once he was done “whooping Leukemia’s ass,” he would have been back on Raw, sound as ever, to take what was legitimately his, the WWE Universal Championship.

Presently, precisely four months since Reigns let the world in on his agonizing mystery, put forth an official statement saying that Reigns is set to make a comeback to the franchise show, yet for one night, to address the report on his fight versus cancer. Vince McMahon, WWE CEO as well, took to Twitter with an update:

It seems that Reign kept his statement. Four months prior, ‘The Guy’ had said that he would before long have returned to the ring, to ‘his yard’, as he so gladly asserts it to be and Roman is at last going to be home.

A little while back, previous WWE wrestler and Hollywood star, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson had communicated his adoration for Reigns, his cousin, over his enthusiastic war against Leukemia and how it had advanced Reigns’ “perspective”.

During the time spent crushing the malady, Reigns trusts that his arrival to the WWE would be tied in with wrestling and winning titles as well as will accompany a reason: “I am coming back because I want to show all of you, the whole world… that when life throws a curveball at me… I will always swing for the fences.”

Reign’s fans finally took a sigh of relief and are beaming with joy.