Salman Khan Hits Out At Lockdown Violators, He Gives a Heartfelt Message in Viral Video

Salman Khan Hits Out At Lockdown Violators, He Gives a Heartfelt Message in Viral Video

Salman Khan is very angry. 15 warnings from his lockdown video ...

Amid COVID-19, when all the health workers are taking care of everyone risking their own life but some senseless characters are going against the law and involved in stone-pelting , when it comes to police and doctors . Everyone is being harsh on these culprits .

One of them is actor Salman Khan , who made a video stating and appreciating all the efforts made by the government and slamming those elements , who are making everything difficult for the Corona warriors.

He discussed 15 points in the video .Let’s have a look :

1. As Salman hosts BIGG BOSS every year , he explained the ongoing scenario in the same way , emphasizing on some characters , who keeps on breaking the rules of lock-down. Salman said, “Zindagi ka Bigg Boss shuru ho gaya hai. Sab ghar mein baithe hai. Lekin kuch log hai, jo ke ulanghan kar rahe hai.”

2. In the second point , he spoke about the importance of wearing a mask while you step out of the house for important tasks like buying groceries , and other important stuffs . He said, “Pass toh tha unke paas, gaadi ka. Woh gaye, police ne roka, aur policewale se baat karte huwe unhone mask nikaal dia. Nihaayati bewakoofi ka kaam kiya. Jo nahi karna chahiye tha, woh kia. Dimaag se nikal gaya, unko laga ki baat kar raha hoon toh mask nikalna chahiye. Usko ye nahi karna chahiye tha.”

3. The actor also talked about why it is important to keep the morale of people high during this pandemic, especially of those who have tested coronavirus-positive. He said, “Kisi bhi bimaari mein result positive hona bahut hi dukh ki baat hai. Lekin kisi bhi positive patient ke dimaag mein ek negative baat aa jaana, ek uska saiyyam kho dena, hope kho dena, woh ussey buri baat hai. Aur jo positive tested patient hai, unka dukh na samajhna anti-human hai. Jo negative hai aur ehtiyat nahi rakh rahe hai, woh jaldi positive ho jaayenge. Aur phir woh apne poore khandaan ko ye bimaari de denge. Khandaan se mohalle ko, mohalle se sheher ko aur phir poore desh ko. (It’s sad to have tested positive for any disease, but it is worse to say negative things about people who have been tested positive. It is anti-human to not understand their pain and discriminate against them. People who are negative and are not taking precautions will become positive soon. And then they will transmit the disease to their entire family, from family to their localities. From localities to their city and then to the entire nation.)”

4. Salman Khan also urged people to follow the government’s instructions and stay at home with their family and loved ones. He said, “Kya kaha hai government ne? Ki bahar mat jaao, social gatherings mat karo, parivaar ke saath waqt guzaaro. (What has the government said? To not go out, don’t participate in social gatherings and spend time with family.)”

5. Further , he made the point that people who want to pray should pray inside and not step out to go to either mosques or temples. He said, “Namaz padhna hai ghar par karo, puja-paath karni hai, ghar par karo. Bachpan mein yeh seekha tha ki bhagwaan hamare andar hai. Agar Bhagwan ke ghar jaana hai, Allah ke ghar jaana hai, toh niklo bahar. Marna toh ek din sabko hai, lekin kya koi marna chahta hai? Yeh yahan par aake yeh baat change kaise hui? (If you want to read the namaz, do puja-paath, do it at home. All of us have learnt as children that god is within us. If you want to go to God’s home, then go. Everyone has to die one day. But does anyone want to die? How did this fact change at this point?)

6. He made that sarcastic comment to those people who dare to go out during the lock-down, he said, “India ki abaadi ko kam karna chahte ho? (Want to lower India’s population?) Starting with your own family?”

7. Further , he slammed the people who are not cooperating with the government and attacking health workers, he said, “Tell me if you are right or wrong. If your actions would have been right, the coronavirus and lockdown would have ended by now.” Talking about policemen hitting people violating lock-down, he said, “They are not doing it for themselves, but for you only.”

He added, “Kisne roka hai aapko ration lene mein? Kisne roka hai? Mask pehno, gloves pehno, par akele jaao. (Who has stopped you from going out to buy ration? Wear mask, gloves and go alone.)”

8. In his next point , Salman lauded essential service providers working tirelessly for extended hours so that the common people don’t have to face problems. He said, “Policewale, nurses, doctors, bank wale, 18-18 ghante kaam kar rahe hai. They are doing this to stop further spread of the coronavirus. Yeh bimaari unch-neech, jaat-paat kuch nahi dekhti. Aapki duty hai ghar pe baithiye.”

In his stunned voice , Salman expressed the incidents of stone-pelting on doctors in some parts of the country, the actor said, “Ye kamaal hai. Doctor-nurses aapki jaan bachane ke liye aaye, aapne un par paththar barsa diye. (It’s strange that you attacked doctors and nurses, who came to save you. You threw stones at them.)”

9. In the next point , he expressed the irony about the people who never stepped out of their homes but during lockdown they are all open to step out . He said, “Aise bhi log hai jo kabhi ghar se bahaar nahi nikalte thay, woh bhi abhi nikal rahe hai. Kamaal hai.”

10. Talking to people who think they can’t get Covid-19, Salman Khan said, “Jinko lagta hai ki unko nahi hoga, unke wajah se poori Hindustan chal basega. (People who think that they can’t get Covid-19, will cause the death of entire India).”

11. The actor supported migrant workers who don’t have food to feed their family and are stranded on roads to get a vehicle to their native places. He said, “I understand the condition of people who don’t have food to feed their family. I salute them because they know that it is better to not eat than to lose their family.”

12. Lauding the work done by the government and other people involved in various services, he said, “Bahut achcha kaam ho raha hai aur aisa lag raha hai ki Hindustan ek dusre se dil se juda hai.”

13. Salman said that the lock-down is getting extended because of people not following the government’s decision. He said, “Kuch joker-o ke wajah se ye coronavirus phail raha hai. Lekin agar aapke actions aise nahi hote, toh police ke reactions aise nahi hote.”

He emphasised that China overcame the crisis and we are still struggling because of a few stupid people. He said, “Aapke actions ke wajah se yeh lockdown badh raha hai, poora Hindustan ek lambe samay ke liye ghar pe baithenge.”

14. He further gave a firm message to those disturbing elements who think that they are extremely powerful, he said, “Maan liya bade taqatwar ho aap, bade bahadur ho aap. Itne taqatwar ho aap ki apne pariwarwalo ko kandha doge. Itna jigra hai aap mein? (Are you powerful enough to see your family members die in front of you?)”

15. In the end, Salman Khan urged people to thank essential service providers. He said, “Sab shukriya adaa karo policewalo ka, doctors ka, nurses ka aur jo banks main kaam karte hai unka. Respect karo unko jinko hua hai.”

Also , he warned the violators that military can also be called in to control those who are not following lock-down, he said, “Dua karo ki aisi naubat na aaye ki aapko ghar mein bithane ke liye military bulana pade.”

Watch the full video here:


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