Self-Styled Godman Jyotigiri Maharaj Flees His Ashram After Sexual Assault Video Goes Viral

Self-Styled Godman Jyotigiri Maharaj Flees His Ashram After Sexual Assault Video Goes Viral

In a nation like India that houses a huge number of God-fearing individuals, it isn’t astounding to see another self-announced Godman conceived out of no place in each alcove and corner. Be that as it may, while following their said way aimlessly, we regularly neglect to understand that they are as much human as us, who frequently have their shrouded motivation behind their affirmed ‘self-less helping nature’.

After Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh and Asaram Bapu, complaints have been lodged against another Baba from Haryana for allegedly sexual exploiting women and raping minors. According to the allegations, Baba Jyotigiri Maharaj of Baheda Kala village in Haryana’s Gurugram, sexual harassed several women and an FIR has been filed against him.

A self-styled godman, Baba Jyotigiri Maharaj, has been absconding ever since videos of him sexually abusing women and minors went viral on social media.

After Baba Jyotigiri Maharaj’s obscene MMS videos surfaced, the Gurugram Police filed an FIR against him over alleged sexual abuse of women and minors.

The development comes after Haryana’s Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leader Sudhir Yadav lodged a complaint against the self-styled godman.

Meanwhile, there is also anger among the residents of Bilaspur Gurugram where the self-styled Godman used to reside.

In his complaint, Sudhir Yadav alleged that Jyotigiri Maharaj sexually abused minor girls at his ashram in Baheda Kala village.

The AAP leader also submitted 10 MMS videos of the accused godman as evidence. Jyotigiri Maharaj is accused of having forced sexual relations with many women and girls visiting the ashram and sexually assaulted dozens of children.

In videos that went viral, Jyotigiri Maharaj can be seen as sexually assaulting minor girls. The copy of the complaint against the self-styled godman was also sent to the National Commission for Women, Haryana, Women’s Commission and other concerned authorities.

A case has also been registered against those who circulated the videos on social media because the faces of the victims can be clearly seen in them.

While the FIR has been registered, the whereabouts of Jyotigiri Maharaj remained unknown. Police deployment around his ashram has been increased in view of outrage by the public. Locals vowed to protest until the ashram is shut down and the accused godman gets arrested. It is said Jyotigiri Maharaj is former IAS officer and has close relations with politicians in Haryana.

We hope these type of news act as an eye opener for the people of India who blindly follow these type of things.


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