Separatists Send their own children Abroad to get education and Encourage Kashmiri Youth to pelt Stones – Amit Shah

Separatists Send their own children Abroad to get education and Encourage Kashmiri Youth to pelt Stones – Amit Shah

Pietism has no limits with regards to the separatists of Jammu and Kashmir. Tragically for them, their façade of “penance” and “affliction” has exhausted with data on their wards’ whereabouts being openly accessible. It has been found that the at any rate 220 wards of 112 separatists and political sympathizers are settled abroad, getting a charge out of agreeable and well-to-do lives.

Home Minister Amit Shah, while looking for augmentation of President’s Rule in J&K offered to give the subtleties of different Hurriyat pioneers in Kashmir whose kids were concentrating abroad. He said that offspring of upwards of 130 Hurriyat separatists are either right now concentrating abroad, or have examined there, sooner or later. He expressed in Rajya Sabha, “I have the whole rundown with me, however I won’t take names. I need to inform the individuals here concerning these are kids and relatives of those separatists who backer conclusion of schools in the valley and advise youngsters to get stones.”

Amit Shah’s announcement was spot on point. The separatists advocate the continuation of Article 35A, which precludes Indian natives that don’t have a place with Jammu and Kashmir, from purchasing property there. Article 35A has forestalled private global organizations entering the valley, and has additionally refuted the set up of any top position college. This has brought about poor foundation and poor expert development of the general population living in Jammu and Kashmir; which is a condition good for the separatists to sell their motivation. The separatists empower the young of the valley to stay jobless and pelt stones at the military. Yet, with regards to their very own family, they want to send them to another country for a decent life.

As indicated by a report by ToI, rebel association Tahreek-e-Hurriyat’s administrator Ashraf Sehrai’s two children, Khalid and Abid Ahraf, work in Saudi Arabia and are settled there. Child of Kashmir’s Jamaat-e-Islami president Ghulam Muhammad Bhat is a specialist in Saudi Arabia. Dukhtaran-e-Millat’s Asiya Andrabi’s two children, Muhammad canister Qasim and Ahmed container Qasim are concentrating abroad in Malaysia and Australia, separately. Hurriyat pioneer Mirwaiz Omar Farooq’s sister Rabia Farooq is a specialist and is settled in the US. Bilal Lone’s girl and child in-law are settled in London while his more youthful little girl is concentrating in Australia. Wahidat-e-Islami pioneer Nisar Hussain Rather’s little girl works in Iran and is settled there with her better half.

A few of these separatists’ wards are settled in Pakistan too. Neelam Gilani, child of Syed Ali Shah Geelani, as of late finished his MBBS course in Pakistan. Little girls of Muslim League pioneers Mohammad Yusuf Mir and Farooq Gatpuri are medicinal understudies in Pakistan. Vote based Political Movement pioneer Khwaja Fardaus Wani’s little girl is additionally in Pakistan considering drug.

Amit Shah expressed in Rajya Sabha that the two children of Asiya Andrabi, who was captured in a J&K fear financing case, have contemplated abroad and her third child is seeking after advanced education in Malaysia. “One of the dissident heads child is working in Saudi Arabia and is winning a bundle of ₹30 lakh every month.”

With this, Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke to the Kashmiri youth to not fall into the separatists’ snare, who are simply attempting to misdirect them. He expressed, “it would be ideal if you watch that their very own kids are concentrating abroad and are carrying on with a decent life there. Try not to get deluded and take to stone-pelting,”

These are similar separatists who have gotten out for closing down the schools in the valley and have been a deterrent to youngsters being taught. They urge the kids to “battle for opportunity” and take part in stone pelting in their essential years when they are assumed be concentrating on training and enabling themselves. This, coupled by the way that the separatists want to send their very own youngsters to another country to get quality training and quality life demonstrates that they truly couldn’t care less about the valley’s future, neither do they care for any reason, supposing that they did; urging their own kids to remain and battle in the valley would have been the first and the principal need of the separatists.


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