She Lost Both Hands to a Bomb Blast 13 Years Ago, Today She Is a Global Icon!

She Lost Both Hands to a Bomb Blast 13 Years Ago, Today She Is a Global Icon!

On May 26, 2002, a 13-year-old Malvika chose to fix her torn pair of pants by staying the edge with paste. Looking for an unpolished article to apply weight to the stuck edges of the denim, she wandered into the carport of her Bikaner home.

When she found the item she thought would work, Malvika surged with it to her room. Much to her dismay, it was an explosive. The family was uninformed that an ammo terminal in the region had detonated months back, and bomb pieces lay dispersed in numerous pieces of the region.

The moment Malvika punched the projectile on the texture, it detonated. Malvika lost both her hands in the blast and supported extreme wounds to her legs including numerous cracks, nerve loss of motion, and hypoesthesia.

She was laid up for more than year and a half and experienced different medical procedures for more than two years on her street to recuperation.

“When I was bedridden for months, my biggest goal in life was to walk. Once I started walking with difficulty, my next big goal was to climb the staircase, then to operate the remote with my elbow. People around me have always been competitive, always in the race to clinch the first place in all aspects of life. But I don’t have any of those goals because I have seen failure at every step in life and learnt to rise above it,” says Malvika Iyer.

Today, Dr Malvika Iyer, aside from a bomb impact survivor, is likewise a social laborer, a PhD researcher, a universal inspirational orator, an incapacity rights lobbyist and a Global Shaper under the World Economic Forum.

This is her story.


Despite the fact that Malvika was conceived in Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu to B. Krishnan and his significant other Hema Krishnan, she grew up close by her more established sister Kadambari in Bikaner, Rajasthan, one of the spots her dad who filled in as an architect at the Water Works Department, was moved.

“I had a beautiful childhood,” says Malvika going through a world of fond memories.

She says, “My father was constantly transferred due to the nature of his job. But my mother, sister and I would stay put in Bikaner. He would visit us on the weekends. I loved travelling with my mum around the city, eating out, watching films and buying beautiful Rajasthani clothes.” 

A pioneer of her settlement children’s pack, she would frequently invest energy kicking ball, flying kites, pretend educator instructor and swaggering down the incline in her mom’s sarees. An admirer of everything tricky and imaginative, she would likewise speed around the state in roller-skates. She even prepared in Kathak for more than seven years!

The bomb impact transformed her. Furthermore, however it grabbed Malvika’s hands, it neglected to deny her of her noteworthy strength.

She missed a time of tutoring however appeared as a private hopeful in the Secondary School Leaving Certificate examination in Chennai, with the assistance of a recorder. She turned into a medium-term sensation when she verified a state rank among the private applicants with an astounding 483/500. She was welcome to the Rashtrapati Bhavan to meet the then President of India, the late Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, who praised the contender.

Her M.Phil in Social Work at the Madras School of Social Work was a top of the line and qualification and even won her a ‘Moving Cup’ for the Best M.Phil. proposition in 2012 which managed criticism of individuals with inabilities.

One of the prime explanations behind the decision of the subject originated from her own involvement as a youthful in an unexpected way abled lady who needed to battle at each progression.

“There were two different reactions from people. My family, friends and relatives, who knew, were shocked and hurt. But they were very supportive. They were happy I survived because even the doctors had given up on me,” she says.

Be that as it may, a few people came to visit her in the emergency clinic and would frequently talk in quieted murmurs uproarious enough for her to hear. “They would stare at my bandaged hands and legs and say, What a terrible thing to have happened. She is a girl child. Who will marry her?”

“I think it was the first time I cried. And it wasn’t due to the agonising physical pain. They looked at me as if my life was doomed because I lost my limbs. And it has still not stopped. I still get stared at and pitied. Now I am very independent. I eat myself, I work. Besides tying my hair in a ponytail, I can do everything by myself.

The attitudinal obstruction among the overall population for people with an inability still exists, and it is jostling.

I have accepted my life the way it is. What you may do perhaps in a matter of 30 seconds, will take me 10 minutes. But I am content with how my life is because this is literally my second chance at it.”

Malvika’s initial move towards turning nto an inspirational orator was the point at which her story increased tremendous acknowledgment, and she was welcome to talk at [email protected] in 2013. Also, from that point onward, there was no thinking back.

She kept on enthralling onlookers at worldwide stages like United Nations in New York City, IIM Kozhikode, Norway, Indonesia and South Africa where she featured the significance of consideration. In October 2017, she was welcome to Co-Chair the World Economic Forum’s India Economic Summit held at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi.

Malvika has been a piece of a few projects that mean to bring issues to light about the requirement for general plan, open spaces and cooperation of incapacitated youth in advancing comprehensive decisions.

Pushing a constructive self-perception, Malvika strolled the incline as a work of art for NIFT and Ability Foundation in Chennai to underscore the requirement for planning garments with usefulness and style for individuals with incapacity as well.

Malvika, through her life and accomplishments, has turned into a good example. The fuel that props her up in life is the unending messages that effortlessness her inbox by individuals from varying backgrounds.

Malvika says, “Someone once told me, they have a picture of me on their wall, another on wrote my name on their desk, to remind them not to give up when trials and tribulations become roadblocks. It gives them to strength to remember that if I could rise above failure and become an achiever, so can they. I cannot let down people who believe in me.” 

This young lady might be an icon for thousands, yet her good example keeps on being her mom. “My mother pulled me out of one of the most difficult phases of my life. And she continues to inspire me even today. Me and her, we are the ‘A’ team. Becoming even half the person my mother is would be the biggest achievement of my life,” says Malvika.

Malvika’s blueprints a couple of focuses that a great many people can learn while cooperating with in an unexpected way abled people.

Things to dodge:

Try not to gaze. It applies to each individual, be it with a handicap or not notwithstanding.

Being interested is okay, yet asking an individual you barely realize inquiries like “Were you constantly brought into the world like this?” isn’t alright.

In the event that you see an individual with incapacity battling, inquire as to whether they need assistance. Try not to power help by assuming that they are crippled and needing assistance.

Quit utilizing prohibitive terms for people with handicap. It is an incongruity that individuals in a wheelchair are alluded to as wheelchair-bound. The wheelchair doesn’t tie them. It frees them.


Offer examples of overcoming adversity of people with inabilities. Be it at home, your school, school, working environment or network level.

Get some information about their interests in all regions, not simply inability. Having their voice in each medium is significant.

Individuals with handicaps don’t turn out regularly, as they need more chances. Would we be able to cooperate to open stages and roads for them?

Did Malvika’s story move you? Connect with her at [email protected] or pursue her on Twitter and Facebook!


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