Sikh Community Distributes a Cool Pink Drink to People in Sweltering Heat

Sikh Community Distributes a Cool Pink Drink to People in Sweltering Heat

This time, everybody experienced burning warmth in the late spring season. Individuals battled a ton in extraordinary temperatures everywhere throughout the nation. It’s an extreme condition for every one of the people to move around in the city particularly in the searing warmth. In various pieces of the Northern district, individuals have seen a red shading cautioning.

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‘Chhabeel Day’ celebrated today as the mark of The martyrdom day of Shri Guru Arjan Dev Ji which is observed every June. The guru was tortured to death on the orders of Mughal emperor Jahangir in the early 17th century. . Chhabeel is a religious tradition that has been followed for hundreds of years, The ‘chhabeels’ are mostly put up around gurdwaras where young and old people can be seen enthusiastically requesting people to stop and partake the sweetened water-milk combo. . Made from Roof Afzha, milk, water and sugar with some added flavours, this religious drink is the best to beat this scorching heat . . #summers #coolers #mocktail #chhabeel #gurdwara #sikhism #waheguru #sewa #gurpurab #foodcam #foodblogger #likesforlikesback #followforfollowback #sikhism #sharbat #foodgasm #foodislife

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Regardless of individuals sitting inside securely, they are encountering huge warmth waves in their homes. In such a condition, individuals will unquestionably investigate coolest places and cool beverages to make them hydrated. A Sikh Community has seen the battles of individuals and set up a couple of slows down offering ‘pink beverage’ to the outsiders and other individuals cruising by.

The slows down that are set up by the Sikh Community are alluded to as ‘chhabeels’ wherein they serve either water or milk-based beverages to the general population. It’s not the first run through for the general population to set up such slows down. It was a custom to set up chhabeels quite a long while prior. Prior, individuals set up the slows down close Gurudwaras. The beverage or water is basic to everybody paying little heed to their volunteers and religion. Independent of the youthful and elderly individuals, the slows down offer beverages to individuals so as to keep them hydrated.

In the remembrance of Guru Arjan Dev Ji, Sikhs regularly practice chhabeel. There was a conviction that Guru Arjan Dev Ji got a type of help when he was offered this beverage by the stream Ravi. The people group partakes in such action so as to demonstrate their altruism towards others in the sweltering summer season. It isn’t at all a simple errand for the general population who meander over the city on their vehicles in the sweltering summer season. By arranging such slows down, they can get the essential product in the warmth.


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