Solving Millennial’s Problem: How PGO App eases the process of searching PG hostel online

Solving Millennial’s Problem: How PGO App eases the process of searching PG hostel online

If you have lived, or still living in a Hostel/PG you must be familiar with the excruciating pain that one has to undergo in finding a good Hostel / PG. Frustrating hostel hunts, overpricing, unhygienic conditions, and stubborn landlords, these are only a few of the problems a hosteller has to face before finding the perfect place to live!

Be a student, aspirant preparing for competitive exams or a working professional, a good hostel/PG can bring in changes positively and constructively. However, the demand for Hostels and PG living have increased multifold in the last decade. As thousands of people from every sphere are flocking to the cities for better opportunities, finding a PG Hostel as per your requirements is a Himalayan task! 

Solving the Millennial’s Problem of finding a hostel

One more time, Millennials are making the headlines in India after the current finance minister Nirmala Sitaraman pointed out that the ongoing economic slowdown in the automobile industry has its roots in millennials not buying their vehicles and using Ola, Uber or taking the metro. Ok, being a millennial myself I do agree that I use rental services rather than buying stuff, But that is to save money and enjoy life a little more. That should be the goal, right?

Clearly, the new generation is doing things differently and it is working well for us.

Here I am going to tell you how to solve the Millennial’s Problem of finding a PG hostel in the simplest, easiest and cheapest way possible (Just the way the Millennials like it!)

To tackle this problem, few companies have come up in recent times, and one such company is PGO (Paying Guest Online) which is exactly what we needed when it comes to booking PG Hostels online.

PGO is a Hostel/PG booking mobile application which has 8 different categories of accommodations under one platform. Users can book online, check all the details about the pg near his / her place, get real-user based reviews, speak to the host and also schedule a visit before confirming the pg. With Pg near me option, the app locates the current location and shows the relevant filtered options.

Further, you also get pay at the property options and can also pre-book the place.

This feature is very handy for those travelling from different cities. You won’t have to go door-to-door looking for a place to stay.

Thus far PGO has over 12,000 properties through 184 cities under its radar with 625,000 beds. Recently, the PGO app crossed 1 lakh downloads in the play store. PGO is shifting the power from the property owners and sharing it with its users.

Booking a Hostel / PG is now hassle free and simple!

  1. Download the app from Play Store / App Store
  2. Search for the location you’re looking to check PG
  3. Check Images / Amenities that hostel provide and select the right one!
  4. Book the hostel / pg and enjoy cashback. Bingo!!

Download PGO app now and get 400 INR instantly as joining bonus.

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