Someone Imagines What Everything Would Look Like If It Had A Cat’s Face And The Result Is Funny Yet Disturbing

Someone Imagines What Everything Would Look Like If It Had A Cat’s Face And The Result Is Funny Yet Disturbing

If you’re a cat lover then you’re in for a delightful treat. Let these hilarious photos of Photoshopped cat faces make your day. Cats are ruling the internet as they are often the centers of memesand the main features in most viral videos. Well, dogs sometimes give them a run for their money but cats always find a way to bounce back and reclaim their throne.

Even now, there’s no stopping these felines in dominating over the internet once again. So, if you want to be an internet superstar, you will need a kitty to help you with that. Take it from Galina Bugaevskaya, the 29-year-old Russian girl who is behind the Instagram page Koty Vezde (Cats are Everywhere).

She chose to use Photoshop to see what it would look like if everything had the face of a cat. The results range from painfully cute to downright eerie. And koty_vezde doesn’t stop at simply imagining cat faces on other animals, oh no…. they also photoshopped cat faces onto inanimate objects and foodstuffs like ice cream cones and freshly baked baguette, because why not?

29-year-old founder of the ‘Koty Vezde’ page, Galina Bugaevskaya who lives in Moscow, talked about her passion for cats. “The idea came to me quite spontaneously, about a year ago,” she revealed the inspiration behind the ‘Cats are Everywhere page. I had previously been creating various funny things in Photoshop.”

“I love fantasy very much, which is a little reflected in my work. I work as a content manager. I mastered Photoshop on my own, this is my hobby.”

“I am very pleased that so many people appreciated my work. I just learned today that in different countries they began to publish articles with my collages. People write a lot of warm comments under my works — this is very cool! I am so happy!”, Galina says.

The creator of ‘Koty Vezde’ said that she loves cats: “Especially chubby and angry cats. They are divine creatures: cute, soft, murmuring. We always had cats in our family. At the moment, I have Filya and Puchok, and a white Persian cat, Umka, named after the bear cub from the Soviet cartoon.”

“I know that many people think about Russia. That there are gloomy, stern people who never smile. Now you know that Russians also love cats! Thanks to everyone who follows my work! It is very inspiring. I love you!” the creator of ‘Cats are Everywhere’ sent out a wholesome message to her fans.

The ‘Cats are Everywhere’ Instagram account is still fledgling but going fairly strong, having captured the attention of over 24,000 devoted fans.  We’re sure that the page will keep bringing us amusing (excuse me, I mean ameowsing) pictures.

We’ve picked the best and the funniest images of Photoshopped cat faces from the page, served hot for your entertainment. So sit back and relax, grab your cup of coffee and start your day with a smile with our list of hilarious catto-hybrids.


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