Sonali Bendre Gives Us A Bitter Reality Check, Shares Pic Of Juhu Beach Post Ganpati Visarjan

Sonali Bendre Gives Us A Bitter Reality Check, Shares Pic Of Juhu Beach Post Ganpati Visarjan

As seen earlier also that after the grand festivity of Ganesh Chaturthy, people forget to make the surrounding clean as they often have assumptions that its the responsibility of the authorities to clean the mess up created by them.

In recent days of Ganesh Utsav we highlighted many people who took a step forward and created Ganesha idols made of coconut,sugarcane,sweets and even chocolates.But still it’s a long way to go.

Recently , Sonali took to her social media accounts to share the actual state of Juhu beach in Mumbai

We can see in the picture below that has numerous  Ganesh idols and other puja related stuffs ,which were discarded at the beach after Ganpati Visarjan.

Sonali tweeted :”After yesterday’s visarjan… If these are not signs of damage we are causing then I don’t know what are! This cannot happen we need to do better.”

After she posted her tweet ,many fans replied : Likewise,
“We made the ganapati at home Sonali, and did the visarjan in the milk and gave it to children in the anganwadi. No passing of Vigna as it was done in milk. Like the gangasnan. Ganu baba made at home. Stayed at home.”

Another tweet reads: “We in #Nagpur have made eco friendly Ganesha’s at home and have done visarjan at home. Nothing goes to ponds and rivers from homes.”

On Saturday ,Prime Minister Narendra Modi ,appealed people to avoid plastic and other waste materials into the seawater while immersing the idols. He said that during immersion of Lord Ganesha idols “a lot of plastic and other waste goes into the sea.”

“This time we have to try that these materials which increase pollution are not immersed in water” he added.

He also asked the citizens to keep the water-bodies plastic free and pollution free too.

It takes a lot of hard-work and human resource, to make a clean and green surroundings and we hope that a lot of responsible citizens would take some effective initiatives in this context.


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