Sonam Kapoor Trolled Poorly for Giving the answer to a Simple Math Puzzle

Sonam Kapoor Trolled Poorly for Giving the answer to a Simple Math Puzzle

Everyone loves a good puzzle, don’t they? But, when that involves math, a lot of people are bound to be bad at it, it’s just a fact of life. Math is the universally hated subject and honestly, I agree with everyone’s frustrations about it.

People on Twitter were trying to figure out the answer to a seemingly simple puzzle – just answering how many triangles are in a picture. That sounds easy, but so many people are failing spectacularly, including some of our favourite Bollywood stars. Yes, even actors love a challenging puzzle, even though they suck at it, as it was recently proven.

The triangle puzzle in question is an old one but started going viral again when it was tweeted by Jitesh Pillai, editor of Filmfare magazine.

How many triangles can you count? Not that anyone cares, but I would like to tell everyone that I got the number correct and that was a personal achievement.

A lot of celebrities jumped in to take a shot at solving it, but most of them sadly failed.

Sonam quickly shared what she thought was the correct answer. Little did she know, Twitter’s mathematicians had already solved the puzzle. The star has answered 7, but that is less than half of the real answer. Oops.

The Internet attack starts in 3…2…1

To her credit, Sonam did not take the trolling to her heart. At least she’s self-aware, we have to give her that.


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