SRK Left a Charming Response after Hugh Jackman Calls him As His Dance Mentor

SRK Left a Charming Response after Hugh Jackman Calls him As His Dance Mentor

Undoubtedly, Shah Rukh Khan and Hugh Jackman are two of the biggest superstars, and when the two worlds collide in such a good way, it’s always incredible to see.

When you think/hear of Shah Rukh Khan, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind? That iconic SRK pose. RIGHT!!

Honestly, the pose is as iconic as he is. Maybe a little more.

Jackman last visited India in 2011, for the FICCI in Mumbai, where he met SRK and instantly formed a friendship. He even bust some moves on stage with SRK.

Hugh Jackman was seen doing a lot of dancing around in his movie “The Greatest Showman”. At the Sydney premiere of his film he referred to Shah Rukh Khan as his mentor. 

Calling Shah Rukh the ‘Greatest Showman in Bollywood,’ Jackman said,

“I have done a lot of dancing and singing in this film and I had Shah Rukh Khan in mind while shooting for it. He is my mentor and I need to take more dance lessons from him.”

“I have also done the signature SRK move, spreading my arms wide,” Jackman said while addressing the media as he recreated the famous gesture on the red carpet. 

And guess what he said, when asked about who he would love to see playing his character in the movie, if it is ever made in Bollywood?

Firstly, jokingly he said he would love to play the role himself as he is willing to work in a Bollywood movie. But jokes apart, he named SRK.

“I would love to see Shah Rukh in the Indian version of this film.”

Well, no surprises there!!

Shah Rukh Khan also was full of praise for Hugh Jackman. In a tweet he wrote that the Hollywood actor had always inspired him with his performances. 

Previously also during the release of his Wolverine swansong Logan, Jackman had nominated SRK to play Wolverine, in an interview with Rajeev Masand.

So much bromance!! I think both should do a movie together!!!


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