Strange Things That Are Considered To Be Beautiful In Some Countries

Strange Things That Are Considered To Be Beautiful In Some Countries

The global beauty market may be worth $265 billion, but there are plenty of women and men from around the world who judge beauty by very different standards. After all, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” according to the old saying. It is no wonder that when it comes to some of the most unusual beauty trends from around the world, the saying is proven to be certainly true.

In the U.S, for example, 45 million Americansnow have tattoos and piercings, which are now commonplace between men and women even though trends were once thought of as unusual and unique. As you will discover through this piece, tattoos and piercings are actually nothing compared to what some people from different parts of the world consider beautiful and trendy.

Many of these beauty trends have a huge symbolic or even religious importance, while other procedures are carried out in a bid to ensure that a woman secures herself the richest and most influential husband within her own tribe or community. Additionally, you will find a whole new kind of weird and wonderful beauty trends created by the modern media and their perception of what constitutes true beauty.

Now, prepare to cringe as we discuss various strange beauty indicators from around the world.

France- Natural look/No makeup

Japan- Crooked teeth

Africa- Body scars

Kenya- Bald headed women

India- Head covered

Ethopia- Streched lips

Italy- Small hips

India- Women with Henna (Mehendi)

Mauritius- Fat figure

New Zealand- Tattooed chin

France- Small chest

Nigeria- Being fat

South Korea- Being white

Africa- Long earlobes

Myammar- Brass neck

Iran- Nose patches

Parts of Asia- Pale skin


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