Streets In Japan Are So Clean, Even Floodwater Is Clear

Streets In Japan Are So Clean, Even Floodwater Is Clear

Japan has always been amazed everyone .Whether it’s the advanced technology or their clean environment. Recently, Japan got drained in floodwater because of the typhoon. But some people decided to look at the bright side and noticed that even the floodwater in the country is so clean and trash-free that it has left the whole world impressed about the cleanliness level of country.

Typhoon named Hagibis had hit Japan On 12th October, creating a lot of damage in context of the materials and lives. But one of the thing that was impressive enough was that ,the stagnant flood water was so clear .The pictures of floodwater are viral on social media .

It’s an extraordinary thing happened .Usually,the flood water bring along the dirt and other trash with it.But we can see that Japan has such a clean environment that even floods did not hamper the beauty of the wonderful nation.

The main reason of having epidemic is the dirt and diseases caused by the that trash water that is stagnant for a long time.

If we compare it with other places ,it’s surprising:


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