Study Proves That Couples Who Raise A Dog Together Are ‘Happier And Stronger’

Study Proves That Couples Who Raise A Dog Together Are ‘Happier And Stronger’

Doggos can make everything better.

If you have a dog, you know what I mean. Those little furballs from heaven can fill our hearts with joy with their cuteness, don’t you agree? Many studies have revealed that petting or playing with dogs can help reduce stress.

The latest finding by researches at Rover has added another point to the never-ending list of benefits of petting a canine. Researchers have confirmed that co-parenting a doggo can keep couples happier and make their bonds stronger. It also trains them for marriage and kids.

Raising a furbaby is all about sheer commitment, care, and love and so is the matter with building a healthy love relationship with your better half! 

The study was organised to check couples’ relationship statistics and it was found that 60% of them who owned a pooch agreed that their furry child has helped strengthen their relationship. Half of the participants said that their dogs have made them spend more quality time together. Nothing beats a romantic walk in the park, after all.

While 88% of the couples said raising a dog requires teamwork, 65% said that trust plays a major part too. Both of which forms the base of a happy relationship. Moreover, 43% agreed that they started finding their partner sexier after parenting a dog together.

While there are plenty of positives to sharing a pooch, one in six did say their sex life had taken a turn for the worse – due to their fact their dog usually shares the bed with them.

Those in relationships were not the only ones who said that dogs are important for an individual’s love life.

36% of the surveyed people also admitted that it would certainly work wonders if someone they were dating was a ‘dog person’.

It was also found that couples who raise a dog together are happier than those who do not. 

Moreover, we are well-aware of the fact of how well a pooch and a baby bond, so co-parenting a doggo certainly looks like a promising long term deal! 


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