Swara Bhasker Counters Babita Phogat over her Controversial Tweet, Wrestler Responds

Swara Bhasker Counters Babita Phogat over her Controversial Tweet, Wrestler Responds

Babita Phohgat answer to Swara Bhaskar why jamati front for ...

One of the controversy queen, Swara Bhaskar, who is always the talk of the town, is a die hard anti-government or shall we say anti-Modi? and calls his fans Bhakts. She is an outspoken personality , who instantly reply without giving a second thought.

Swara Bhasker: जमातियों के सपोर्ट में उतरी ...

Recently, she again tweeted, regarding the COVID-19 cases in the nation and tagged wrestler Babita Phogat . Her tweet went viral instantly as Swara wrote, “Babita ji, yeh statistics bhi dekhein. Kya inn lakhon bakhtgano ke Corona test hue hain? Kripya ispe bhi tippini dein. Aur Tabligi Jamaat ke program ko Delhi Police ne permission kyun di, yeh sawaal bhi uthayein. Baaki aapke fan to hum hain hi. (Babita Ji also see these statistics! Have these millions of devotees been Corona tested? Please comment on this too! And also raise a point why did the Delhi Police give permission for the religious program of Tabligi Jamaat! But, I will anyway be always your fan.)”.

Watch her tweet below:

India’s Pride Babita Phogat took no time to reply Bollywood actress Swara Bhaskar’s Tweet ….

Gutta jwala Strong counter to Babita on Twitter

Even sportsperson Jwala Gatta took to her Twitter account and wrote her feelings . Her tweet reads: “Before d trollers start their attack am here just as an Indian cos when I won medals for the country no one saw which religion I followed or which caste I belonged to, my win was celebrated by every Indian every time…pls let’s not divide our great country let’s stand united”.

Check her tweet below:

These tweets are the result of Babita’s tweet , as she posted some provoking statements regarding the Nizamuddin incident of Markaz.


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