Sylvester Told Tiger Shroff Not To Spoil the Charisma of ‘Rambo’, Tiger Gave Modest Reply

Sylvester Told Tiger Shroff Not To Spoil the Charisma of ‘Rambo’, Tiger Gave Modest Reply

Sylvester Stallone In Tiger Shroff's Indian Remake Of Rambo ...

We all know that Bollywood industry has some of the fine and fittest , also flexible actors , who work hard to show their x- factor and they are just fabulous in their forte. We are talking about none other than actor Tiger Shroff.

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For our readers who doesn’t know , the real name of Tiger Shroff is ‘Jai Hemant’. When he debuted in films he changed it to Tiger . Also , he loves dancing since childhood.

It’s been a while now , when Tiger took to his twitter account and posted the poster of his upcoming project ‘Rambo’. He captioned it : ” Grew up on this character, humbled and blessed to step into his shoes years later. #RamboRemake.

Let’s have a look at his post:

We can expect that Tiger can make audience go crazy by his action sequence which we have already seen in his series of ‘Baaghi’ . Now, it’s a remake of the brilliant Hollywood movie having a super star like Sylvester Stallone.

The Rambo Effect - Gregory Beam - Medium

But, the original ‘Rambo’, Stallone, was concerned about the making of the Bollywood films as many have already tried and tested and one of the example is the remake of ‘Knight and Day ‘ as ‘Bang Bang’ . Hence Stallone hopes that makers don’t ‘wreck’ this film, too.

He said, “I read recently they are remaking Rambo in India !! .. Great character.. hope they don’t wreck it .”

Upon his post , Tiger gave a humble and genuine response to the star Stallone. Checkout his post below:

Tiger added some valuable words too . He said : “Being a martial artist and a huge action movie buff since childhood, this all seems very surreal, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. By no means do I believe I can replace the legendary Sylvester Stallone; however, I do feel that somehow this is something I’ve been preparing for since childhood.


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