Taapsee Pannu Gives Befitting reply to Trolls For Boycotting Her Movie ‘Thappad’

Taapsee Pannu Gives Befitting reply to Trolls For Boycotting Her Movie ‘Thappad’

The internet is a weird place. While the entire country is tensed about the situation of violence in Delhi, Twitterati has its own share of demands. Be it Swara Bhasker or Taapsee Pannu, netizens don’t leave any opportunity to troll and slam stars for their political view.

This time under the Twitter scanner is Taapsee and her latest released movie Thappad. While many are excited to see the film, which deals with domestic violence, many Twitter users are not impressed by Taapsee’s anti-CAA views.

Thappad is receiving applauds both from critics and audience despite netizens encouraging for boycotting her film. Twitterati has been trending #BoycottThappad on social media asking a ban over Taapsee’s film, Thappad.

The actress has always been bold and upfront about her views and she had been vocal during the Citizenship Amendment Act protests. The actress had joined a peaceful protest in Mumbai and supported the students of Jawaharlal Nehru University in January. The students were beaten by masked mobs at JNU and the incident shocked the entire nation.

Not just the actress, in fact, her co-stars Pavail Gulati, Dia Mirza and her director Anubhav Sinha was also seen taking part in the protest. This irked the netizens and they started trending #BoycottThappad as these events are not for promoting their film.

Reacting on the same Taapsee during an interview with said that personal opinions of actors should not affect their profession to this extent. “It takes about 1000-2000 tweets to trend a certain hashtag. Does that really affect a film? I don’t think so. I might have different social and political views from a lot of people but that does not mean people will not go and watch the film.”

She further added that an actor is never bigger than a film and to make a film it involves hundreds of people. So it is stupid to decide whether or not one will watch a movie based on an actor’s socio-political views.

Meanwhile, the movie has been exempted from SGST for a period of three months. This decision was owing to the film’s subject and message that deals with domestic violence. The tickets are levied 18% GST and 9% SGST at present.


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