Take A Look Inside PM Modi’s Family And Their Occupation

Take A Look Inside PM Modi’s Family And Their Occupation

Different government officials in our nation give enormous advantages to their families that incorporate property, occupations, riches and so forth. In any case, the group of our Prime Minister drives an exceptionally basic life that you may not consider.

So we should think about PM Modi’s family and their occupations

Amrit Modi

A Look Inside PM Modi’s Family And Their Occupation Modi Family

Amrit Modi is the senior sibling PM Narendra Modi and he served in a privately owned business as a fitter and now gets Rs 10,000 p.m as the benefits. Despite everything he goes in a bike and has never been inside a plane and leads an extremely straightforward white collar class life.

Prahlad Modi

Prahlad Modi is the more youthful sibling of PM Narendra Modi and possesses a reasonable value shop and leads a white collar class life in spite of the way that his sibling is a Prime Minister. His little girl, Nikunjben passed on some time prior as he couldn’t manage the cost of costly treatment for her, being a PM’s sibling he couldn’t bear the cost of restorative costs and some degenerate government officials are as yet bustling coursing riches into their family so they can carry on with a sumptuous life.

Pankaj Modi

Pankaj is likewise the more youthful to PM Narendra Modi and works in the Information Department and has a superior existence than his other two siblings. He fills in as an assistant there in Gujarat and has a 3BHK house with his mom.

Soma Modi

Soma Modi is the oldest sibling of PM Narendra Modi and now runs a maturity home in Ahmedabad. Prior he filled in as an officer in the Health Department and resigned in the year 2001 when Modi wound up boss clergyman.

Ashok Modi

Ashok Modi is the primary cousin of PM Narendra Modi and he used to sell kites, bites, and saltines on a THELA. He presently leased a shop to sell his things and wins Rs 7000 p.m which is less, he battles a ton to deal with his family costs yet never approached his sibling for assistance or utilize his situation to give him some great job. His better half washes utensils to get some extra cash to oversee costs.

Bharat Modi

Bharat Modi is the main cousin of PM Narendra Modi and sibling of Ashok Modi. He fills in as a petroleum siphon specialist and procures up to Rs 6000 p.m just and his better half additionally functions as a nibble vender and gains Rs 4000 p.m.

Arvind Modi

Arvind Modi gathers scrap from entryway to entryway for his living and gains roughly Rs. 10,000 and once in a while even less. He battles a great deal to deal with the costs of his family and leads a low quality of life.

Heeraben Modi

She is the mother of the Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi. Like her child, Heeraben Modi additionally carries on with an oversimplified life.


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