Tamil Nadu Couple Offers Daily Meals At ₹1 To 70 Patients Who Cannot Afford Them!

Tamil Nadu Couple Offers Daily Meals At ₹1 To 70 Patients Who Cannot Afford Them!

In today’s, scenario where hunger and health is the basic need of underprivileged people who cannot afford the same,a couple from Tamil Nadu has been providing meals at just Re 1 to the patients and their relatives at Erode hospital for a decade, reports TNIE.

The incident happened at Venkatraman’s restaurant where a woman was short of money to buy dosa instead she preferred idlis for her ailing husband but the restaurant ran out of idlis, so woman could not buy dosa due to unaffordability and left.

He decided to check up on her at the hospital and discovered the pitiful conditions of the patients who cannot afford food at such a crucial time and decided to help them. Venkatraman along with his wife who works as a yoga instructor started distributing food at Re 1 per meal to the patients and their attendants. They feed at least 70 such patients every day.

60-70 tokens are collected from the people in the morning .Breakfast, lunch or dinner are provided based on their requirement.

Rs 1,500 – 2,000 are spent daily to meet the requirements.Apart from food, they also give away blankets, toiletries, plates, and footwear to the patients who can’t afford it during winter.

V Venkatraman has also been awarded for his great and humble efforts. He was named ‘The Weekend Leader, Person of the Year’ in 2011. The couple is certainly setting examples and also standardizing the situation by giving a message that we don’t need much to be kind.


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